Challenging February

Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

In addition to taking part in a writing challenge that involves, among other goals, editing a novella for submission on March 1, I’m committed to several health-related challenges. Gotta keep up the momentum. I’m still aiming to get back to One-derland this year.

As I mentioned yesterday, I signed up for Roni’s second DietBet. The Skinny Jeans Challenge is still in full swing. Since I had such a great time with Elf4Health, I’m also going to take part in Lindsay and Elle’s new HealthysELF challenge. The format is slightly different — no partner and fewer challenges per week — but there’s already a lively group interacting on Facebook. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

I’m going to try to keep up with Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day Challenge. I’ve been following her photo prompts for a few months now — I’d say I participate about 20 of 30 days each month. (You can find those and other shots I snap on Instagram @arleneawl.)

As far as photo challenges go, I also want to do Grow Soul Beautiful’s YogaADay this month. I’ve been pinning the graphic for months now, but never seem to get around to DOING it. That’s going to change. Now.

28DBCbugAnother challenge I’m excited about is Katy Widrick’s 28-day blog challenge. This one’s all about improving the blog. Ideas include updating the “About” page, commenting on other blogs, organizing your Reader, giving your blog a new look, updating your Twitter avatar, designing blog business cards … the beauty of this challenge is that anything goes. You decide what your blog needs and do it. There are, of course, ideas — and I plan to incorporate many of them into my challenge.

Am I taking on too much? I don’t think so. As I’ve said before (I think), I do better when I’m busy. It’s when I get bored that bad things happen … like eating “just because.”

As a side note … where the heck did January go? Seems like the New Year just started, but the first month is already gone.

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