Lazy Sunday at home

My brain doesn’t seem to be stringing together coherent sentences tonight, so it’s time for a bulleted list of today’s thoughts/happenings:

— I feel like a bit of a bum, having lounged around all weekend. Amazing how different it feels doing nothing at my place than at the Boyfriend’s. I miss him, miss hanging out and snuggling while watching bad Lifetime movies.

— Anytime Fitness wasn’t staffed on Sunday, so I’ll have to check back sometime during the week — preferably when it’s not snowing, which is what it’s supposed to do all day today. Ugh. And the free pass I signed up for online still hasn’t made an appearance in my inbox, going on 24 hours later. Maybe I should try again?

— A word of warning: There was a good reason “Movie 43” wasn’t screened in advance for critics. A very good reason. Don’t waste your money.

On my phone’s Harkins Theatres app, it was billed as “an outrageous new ensemble comedy starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood.” Okay, that much was true. I recognized Richard Gere, Emma Stone, Uma Thurman, Greg Kinnear, Kristen Bell and others.

The description continued, “‘Movie 43’ is not for the easily offended (which I’m not) and contains jaw-dropping, sometimes shockingly disturbing, but always entertaining intertwined storylines you’ll have to see to believe.” Shockingly disturbing is right. I’m all for raunchy comedy … but this one’s more raunch than comedy. And the “intertwined storylines” aren’t — at least not that I could see.

Key Lime Pie Smoothie— Let’s go from from bust to winner: The Key Lime Pie Smoothie from Side of Sneakers was delicious. Even though I didn’t wake up in time for breakfast, I whipped one up when I rolled out of bed. I wasn’t going to miss out again. (There has to be an up-side to being home, with kitchen access, all weekend.) As Rachael Ray would say, “Yum-O.” Next time I make it, I might tweak it by adding a bit more spinach. The recipe calls for 1/2 cup, but spinach is good for you, so I might use 1 full cup. I have leftover lime juice, so I’ll make it again soon. Maybe even today.

— Then again, maybe not. Greatist posted a link to 77 great crock pot recipes, and the one for “Healthy Crock Pot Banana Bread Quinoa” immediately caught my eye. The blogger even figured out the WW Points for me: 6 per 1/2-cup serving. I may or may not finish this blog post and hit the kitchen to throw it together. The only thing stopping me is a cook time of just 6 hours. I know myself well enough to know I won’t be getting up at 6 a.m. to turn off the Crock Pot. Perhaps it’s something I’ll put on in the morning and eat for lunch instead. Too bad breakfast for lunch/dinner isn’t really my thing.

The day was mostly gray, but when I left the theater, the sun was trying to shine. It was nice to glimpse blue sky.

The day was mostly gray, but when I left Starbucks, the sun was trying to shine.

— We did get a little sun on Sunday. When I left the movie theater, the sun briefly shone. It was peeking out when I left Starbucks, too. It sure was nice to glimpse blue sky. Too bad we won’t get any more sun today. This weekend’s weather’s making it hard to shoot Sunday’s #FMSphotoaday, though. It was “sun.” I’ll have to get creative with my makeup shot today.

— Moviegoing time and writing time at Starbucks didn’t keep me from spending time in the kitchen, trying to do some prep for the week ahead. (Remember the perks to kitchen access? when I’m at the Boyfriend’s I can’t do that.) I keep seeing other bloggers, like Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean, talk about their Sunday kitchen prep, and wanted to try it out for myself.

Two ingredients. Twice as delicious.

Two ingredients. Twice as delicious.

I started after midnight, when I threw chicken thighs and salsa into the slow cooker. The Salsa Chicken recipe I found on My Tiny Tank called for 2 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken thighs and a jar of salsa. I had bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs in the freezer, just begging to be used … so I pulled off as much of the skin as possible before throwing the thighs in the Crock Pot with a jar of Target brand medium chunky salsa. When I got up Sunday morning, they’d been cooking most of the night, so I separated the meat from the bones and left it to cook some more. In all, it probably spent 20 hours on low.

When I got home from the movie/Starbucks, I baked a spaghetti squash, roasted some brussels sprouts and carrots (separately) and made meat/veggie patties and taco/burrito filling.

Apple, Sweet Potato and Sausage PattiesThe patties were a takeoff on the sausage, apple & sweet potato patties (shown at left) I made several times while eating paleo — only with a little less meat, more veg. In the mix:

  • 1/2 pound lean ground beef
  • 2 cups shredded sweet potato (most of 1 whole sweet potato. 1 cup became hash for Sunday dinner.)
  • 1 zucchini, shredded
  • 1/2 large onion, shredded
  • Handful leftover bell pepper strips, shredded

I simply shredded all the veggies in my food processor, then mixed everything together and cooked them on the griddle. According to the WW recipe builder, each patty has 2 WW Points … and I’ll probably eat two per meal.

While the patties cooked up, I browned the other half pound of ground beef with some onion and two chopped zucchini. I seasoned the mix with 1 T each chili powder, cumin and garlic powder, and threw in a can of kidney beans, drained, near the end. Dividing that mixture into 6 servings comes out to 3 WW Points/serving. Half of it went into the freezer; half in the fridge. That’s  three more meals taken care of.

I’m already envisioning a breakfast burrito — some of that filling, mixed with a scrambled egg and a little cheese, maybe some salsa, all wrapped in a low-carb tortilla. (All I have to do is wake up in time for breakfast, right?)

I can see the appeal to doing a lot of weekend kitchen prep work. It should make mealtime a breeze all week long … without having to resort to SmartOnes or Lean Cuisine.

Sounds like a plan to me!


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