Solo Saturday

Misty MountainIt rained. All. Day. Long.

As much as I complain about the rain, I’d rather have a solid weekend of rain than what’s waiting to drop on us Monday and Tuesday. That’s right — after a rainy weekend, we’re supposed to get snow.

Ugh. I’ll take the rain over white stuff any day.

But the patter of rain on the roof helped contribute to a lazy Saturday right off the bat. Instead of waking up and enjoying the Key Lime Pie Smoothie I’d planned for breakfast, I didn’t bother to set my alarm and ended up sleeping ’til noon.

LunchNot the best start to a solo day. But I tried to turn it around with a good, healthy lunch. Inspired by a recipe in the new Weight Watchers Magazine, I used my George Foreman grill to make a ham, mozzarella and spinach melt on a multigrain tortilla. (The recipe called for arugula, which I didn’t have on hand.)

On the side, I had some roasted butternut squash (hot) and green beans (cold). I still can’t get over how much I love cold, roasted green beans. Never in a million years would I have guessed how tasty they are.

After lunch, I shopped. I was running out of sugar-free chocolate and vanilla Torani to put in my SodaStream bubbly water, and I couldn’t let that stand. Water with either chocolate or French vanilla syrup is my favorite (even more than the Diet “Dr Pete”). The chocolate reminds me of chocolate-flavored diet Canfield’s, and the vanilla tastes like cream soda. So I headed out to the marketplace at the mall, to CostPlus World Market.

While I was there, I also picked up a new-to-me flavor of PopChips (Sweet Thai Chili) and some fun heart-shaped pasta for Valentine’s Day.

Then I took myself to see “Broken City.” It was pretty good, with intriguing twists and turns — and even a little humor. I think “The Silver Linings Playbook” was better, though. I snacked on movie popcorn and peanut butter granola bars during the show.

After the movie, it was off to Starbucks for a little writing/editing … but mainly playing on Facebook and Twitter. In my browsing, I found a recipe for Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken — just two ingredients: chicken thighs and salsa — that sent me to Target for some salsa.

While I was there, I lapped the store to put extra steps on my pedometer, and a display of brightly colored sneakers caught my eye. I’ve been coveting all the snazzy neon-colored sneaks on my favorite blogs.

Then I saw these hot pink beauties … on clearance.

When I saw these babies were on clearance, I had to snap them up.

When I saw these babies were on clearance, there was little question I’d make them mine.

Uh-huh. For less than $9, you know I wanted them. But because they were only size 9 1/2 and I technically wear a 10, I had to try them on first.

Amazingly enough, they fit just fine. A shoe salesman once told me I have what’s called a “collapsible arch.” When I was younger, I could wear anywhere from a size 8 1/2 to a 10. Then, at my highest weight, size 10s and 11s were my standard footwear. As I lost weight, my feet seemingly got smaller. The 11s were way too big and I found myself able to wear some 9s and 9 1/2s.

I completed my lap of the store carrying new shoes bright enough to lift my mood on a damp, gray day. Whatever works, right?

I didn’t want to go home and cook dinner, so I stopped at Five Guys. Yes, I totally had a 13-Point Little Hamburger — and it tasted fantastic. I actually still had 9 WWP left for the day, so I only used 4 Flex. But I also had a handful of those PopChips (worth every fraction of the 2 FPs I spent on ’em) and some more butternut squash (1, thanks to the olive oil it was roasted in).

Oh well. I still have 15 FPs left for Sunday, the last day of my WW week.

I’m seriously considering going to check out the Anytime Fitness today. I’m in the market for a gym, and am willing to check them all out. Anytime Fitness is farther from my house than the other two gyms (both within walking distance). I suppose I could hoof it all the way to AF, but by the time I got there, I’d be too exhausted to work out.

Hmm. Google Maps says it’s only 1.2 miles from my place (vs. 0.6 miles for Flagstaff Athletic Club and 0.9 for Summit, going the long way, past FAC. It’s 0.6 miles going past my office on Thompson, but that’s walking up a huge hill).

I’ve lost my train of thought. The point is, I used to walk to Summit and then work out … I ought to be able to walk an extra 0.3 miles to AF.

Right? Right. Of course, I’m not in as good a shape now as I was then. But the only way to get in shape is to move. With that in mind, I just signed up for a free 14-day pass. It’s supposed to arrive in my inbox, but I haven’t seen it yet.

At least I have cute new shoes to move in!

Mood-lifting sneaks for a gray day.

Mood-lifting sneaks for a gray day.


I put the crock pot full salsa chicken on at about midnight, so it should be ready to enjoy when I wake up.

Still, I might put off eating salsa chicken until later in the day. I really want to try that key lime pie smoothie.



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