Good news, bad news

I’ll give you the bad news first: None of my laundry made it into the washer Thursday. Actually, that might not be all bad … but I’ll tell you why a little later.

BreakfastI did, however, wake up before my alarm went off, thanks to a call from the Boyfriend. I had my breakfast ready (a delicious omelet and cold roasted green beans) before I would have hit the snooze for the first time.

With breakfast in my belly, I headed outside to get in that 30-minute walk I’ve been trying to get all week.

012413 WalkSuccess!

I didn’t walk very fast — or very far, distance-wise. I’ve had better walks, for sure. The weather was cloudy and cool. It even started to spit rain while I was out there.

I was so tempted to cut it short — but knowing the GoFitGals were cheering me on, I made it a full 30 minutes. Since I stuck to my own neighborhood, it meant heading down some of the streets more than once (and made for a kind of boring outing).

Ah well. They can’t all be stellar, right? Pathetic as it was, my walk netted me 3 WW Activity Points. I’ll take ’em.

Sadly, I think I’m going to have to give up on the idea of The Winter 100 Challenge. Having logged just 10 miles in December and 3 so far in January makes it next to impossible for me to hit that goal.

I’d have to do some serious catching up. There are 34 days left to Feb. 28, meaning I’d have to log 2.55 miles/day EVERY DAY to hit 100 miles. At my current pace, it’d take me more than an hour each day to get that kind of distance. I just don’t see that happening.

It was probably more ambitious than it sounded, anyway. Maybe next year …

Crappy weatherEven after my walk, Thursday’s weather continued being crappy. Not the best way to improve my mood. Leaden winter skies make me feel like I’m back in Indiana. I’d rather see a bright blue, Arizona sky any day.

The weather might not have been cooperating, but my closet yielded a couple of mood boosters.

I told you how I really should do some laundry, right? Well, my size 16 jeans were dirty … so I unearthed a pair of 14s, pulled them on and prayed.

After losing 11 pounds, they fit well enough. It’ll probably take another 10 pounds gone before they’re completely comfortable, but I can wear them in a pinch.

In the bathroom at work again.

In the bathroom at work again. At least the jeans look good.

That’s a NSV, for sure. Woo-hoo for Weight Watchers!

I also wore a bright top in hopes the color would chase away the gray. It didn’t really work, I’m sad to say.

Wearing my cutest tennis shoes, the black Reebok ones that make my feet look incredibly dainty, didn’t help much, either. Nor did the fact that I didn’t get my hair cut. I’ve been in desperate need of a trim, but didn’t want to wait around for 30 minutes at Fantastic Sam’s.

You can’t win ’em all, I guess. And it might turn out to be a good thing, because Shelby’s working today. She’s the one who cut my hair last time, and she did a great job. I’ll call ahead, so I can plan my morning.

My after-dinner sweet snack (or dessert) was a real winner. I blended vanilla Greek yogurt with toasted coconut almonds and a few chocolate chips.

Vanilla Chobani with chopped coconut toasted almonds & chocolate chips. Yum!

Vanilla Chobani with chopped coconut toasted almonds & chocolate chips. Yum!

One of my better ideas … I’d almost say it was inspired.

I was an Instagramming fool today. I want to try to start taking more pictures. You can follow me there. I’m @arleneawl, just like on Twitter.

I’ll leave you with a collage I made using some of today’s pictures.

My day in a nutshell (or, playing with the PicStitch app on my phone).

My day in a nutshell (or, playing with the PicStitch app on my phone).

Yeah, the water/computer shot was from Wednesday … but I had the same glass of water at Starbucks on Thursday. It’s pretty much an everyday event. I order a skinny latte and an ice water, then sit there for a couple of hours before I head to work, writing and/or editing. Rough life, eh? But necessary if I’m ever going to get my novels into the hands of readers.

In the lower left corner, you see the magic shoes … and the proof that the make my feet look dainty. Hey, when you wear a size 10 shoe, you take any chance you get to make your feet look small.


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