I’m so confused

Confusion is nothing new for me.

Hmm. I typed that line and realized it sounded like a song lyric … so I had to google to find out which one. The winner? Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”:

“Lyin’ in my bed I hear the clock tick

And think of you

Caught up in circles confusion

Is nothing new.”

Apparently it’s also the title of a song by Beachwood Sparks, but since I’ve never heard of that group, I was clearly thinking of “Time After Time.” As a child of the 80s, it’s one of those songs floating at the edges of my consciousness.

Now that’s settled, let’s move on to my current reason for confusion.

If you’d asked me a month ago, I’d have sworn to you that I do better on a very strict diet. Cutting carbs works for me, and I don’t miss ’em when I don’t eat ’em.

But now I have 11 lost pounds in three weeks to prove me wrong — and I lost them all while eating a wider variety of foods … and even indulging in a slice of pizza, a couple of jelly donuts and some movie popcorn along the way.

You can see the reason for my confusion. I’m losing weight eating things I swore I shouldn’t touch … things I’d have told you were trigger foods … the button I shouldn’t push because I can’t turn it off.

Yet I’m finding myself satisfied with just one donut, one slice of pizza, one small bag of popcorn at the movie theater. What is up with that?

Is it really just a matter of portion control being king? Because I KNOW one jelly donut from Dunkin’ Donuts is 8 WW Points, I’m not tempted to indulge in two?

Can it really be that simple?

And what happens when I lose Points? 8 doesn’t seem like too many when I have 37 to spend each day … but if I drop into the 20s, I’ll likely change my tune.

I am tracking every bite that goes in my mouth, thanks to the handy WW app for my phone. And we all know food journaling is a big contributor to weight-loss success.

So much to think about. So much to learn. Will I ever get it all straight?

Take away the confusion and Tuesday was a pretty good day. A coworker saved me from being alone (shades of Rod Stewart’s “Maggie Mae” in that line …) and I got some writing/editing done at Starbucks before work.

Toasted Coconut AlmondsI also found the Blue Diamond Coconut Roasted Almonds I’ve seen featured on other blogs and have been dying to try.

In fact, I was so eager to see what they tasted like that ended up cracking them open at the office Tuesday night, even though I’d already budgeted (and eaten) all my Points for the day.

But I counted out half a serving and used 2 of my weekly Flex Points to pay for them.

Delicious decision! They are well worth the hype. If you love coconut and almonds, run right out to Target and pick some up.

I shared a few with my coworker, and he liked them too. If I have a few more Points, I could see eating them with a handful of chocolate chips … like a healthier version of an Almond Joy.

Other interesting eats from today:

— I braved the line at the new Chick-fil-A store that opened across from Dunkin’ Donuts. It actually moved pretty quickly, and within 15 minutes, I had a tasty grilled chicken sandwich for lunch (7 WW Points). I also got a fruit cup, which I saved. (It’ll probably find its way into today’s breakfast.)

Egg white, string cheese & onion omelet topped with salsa.

Egg white, string cheese & onion omelet topped with salsa.

— Breakfast was an omelet. I saw a tweet the other night from Kammie at Sensual Appeal, touting a low-cal omelet she makes and knew I wanted to try it … so I did. I’m glad I took the time to make myself one this morning, because it was excellent. And with the ingredients — egg whites (1), string cheese (1), olive oil (1), onion (0) and salsa (0) — it was just 3 WW Points. Not too shabby.

— I wanted something different at Starbucks, so I ended up ordering a skinny latte made with a blend of sugar-free hazelnut and mocha syrups. The gamble paid off. It just might become a new favorite.

The infamous TJ's curry simmer sauced chicken over cauliflower rice with a side of roasted butternut squash

The infamous TJ’s curry simmer sauced chicken over cauliflower rice with a side of roasted butternut squash

— Dinner was a serving of chicken in green curry simmer sauce over cauliflower rice, with a side of roasted butternut squash. That may be my new favorite way to eat butternut squash. Simple — just squash, roasted with olive oil, salt and a little pepper — but definitely delicious.

— Tuesday’s snacks included hummus with pretzel crisps and veggies and a bowl of overnight oats made with 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup almond milk, a scant 2 T of Craisins and 1 T almond butter. I topped it with a sliced banana and went to town. (The oats were almost breakfast, until I decided to go ahead and fix the omelet instead.)

I consumed a lot of liquid today: 16 oz. of green tea, a bottle of SodaStream water with SF vanilla syrup (tastes like a cream soda. Yum!) and two 16.9-oz. bottles of water.

Having been in the trunk of my car, one of the bottles of water was still partially frozen. When I finished the liquid, I was left with this:

Sorry. We copy editors get paid to have a dirty mind.

Sorry. We copy editors get paid to have a dirty mind.

The picture doesn’t do it justice, actually. Trust me when I say the chunk of ice looked decidedly perverted. (I’m not the only one; Mike thought so, too.)

Ah, the joys of being a copy editor. We’re paid to have a dirty mind. (The link goes to a post about the subject on my writing blog.)

No workout again Tuesday. The warm, cozy confines of my bed were a lot more tempting than the treadmill or the pavement. I’m working on that!


6 responses to “I’m so confused

  1. I agree that it is all so confusing. I went to a bookstore the other day and killed 2 hours just looking at cookbooks. I most read the beginning pages where the authors outlined how they cook, with what and why. I left so confused and convinced that each person is different and we have to be students of ourselves. So yea for you…because that is what you are doing. You are trying things out and paying attention to the result.

    Love 80’s music too!

    • I’ve long said the key is finding the diet that will work for you. It’s just that for so long, I’ve been convinced low-carb is that diet for me … but now I’m not so sure. Here’s to figuring it out!

  2. It’s all about embracing a new lifestyle that you can keep. Sometimes, if you restrict yourself (such as a low carb diet), you won’t be able to stick to it for long and then go back. But, if you eat things in moderation and treat yourself once in a while, it won’t hurt. That’s what WW is trying to teach, I think. It’s possible to lose weight, be healthy and eat your slice of cake. Great job on the weight loss!

    • Thanks, Helen. I think having a budget of Points I can spend on treats is cutting down on the “I just ate _________, so the day is shot to hell” feeling I tend to succumb to.

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