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For the first time since re-starting Weight Watchers on Jan. 1, I was HUNGRY today.

It wasn’t your run-of-the-mill “I could eat” hunger, either. It was more like “Give me some damn food before I rip your head off.” Wait a minute — does that make me “hangry”?

Anyway …

As near as I can figure, my extreme desire to eat means one of two things: I haven’t been getting enough protein or I’m skimping on my fruits and veggies.

More likely, it’s a combination of both. I’ve been dabbling with a few meatless meals, while at the same time depleting my stash veggies. Payday’s not ’til Friday, though, so I’m stuck eating what I have in the house. No lettuce for the salads that could bulk up my meals. Luckily, I still have some cabbage and broccoli slaw (I think. I hope the broccoli slaw is still good. I haven’t even opened the bag yet.).

Veggie Chili w/ eggI whipped up a batch of Quick Vegetarian Chili Monday. It’s one of the featured recipes on my WW app, and has corn, tomatoes, beans, tomato sauce and spices. It’s flavorful — and filling. Monday, I ate it on its own. Tuesday, I topped it with an egg fried in 1 teaspoon olive oil to pump it up a bit. (Gotta get in that healthy oil somehow, right?) Another way I could bulk it up would be to serve it over a baked sweet potato … or some sweet potato hash.

Hey, now there’s a good idea!

I’m still eating on Friday’s Slow-Cooker Barbecue Chicken, too. I remember why that recipe was one of my favorites from Hungry Girl. It’s probably time to freeze the rest, though, before it goes bad. That’d be a waste of perfectly good chicken. And we can’t have that!Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

I let enough veggies go to waste. I have a bunch of salad greens that were already starting to turn the last time I ate them … more than a week ago.

Note to self: Next time, buy a smaller bag. And clean out the fridge a little more regularly.

I’m planning a workout this morning — my first since I got laid low by the flu last week.



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