Top 10 signs I’m feeling more human …

I’m sure y’all are tired of hearing me whine about how sick I am — because I’m tired of hearing it, too. Lucky for all of us, I think I’m finally on the mend.

Boca crispy chicken patty on a sandwich thin with cabbage and Greek yogurt mixed with honey mustard. Side of Butternut Squash fries.

Boca crispy chicken patty on a sandwich thin with cabbage and Greek yogurt mixed with honey mustard. (An idea I saw on Twitter Thursday.) Side of slightly overcooked Butternut Squash fries.

How can I tell? Well, aside from my insane impulse to emulate David Letterman with a Top 10 list I’ve just realized is in no way funny …

  1. I was awake and alert at 9 a.m. Thursday.
  2. I actually cooked myself real food — if you call a Boca chicken patty and butternut squash fries “real food.”
  3. I did dishes and a couple loads of laundry. (I still have a hamper full of dirty clothes, but it felt nice to slip into my favorite Old Navy jeans again … even if they are a size 16.)
  4. I made it through a full shift at work without wanting to pass out — and I only wrapped myself in my afghan for the last hour or so.
  5. My appetite returned … with a vengeance. I snacked on a slice of leftover pizza and didn’t turn down a fun-size Snickers a coworker offered me. But before I took either one, I checked the Points and accounted for them in my tracker. I ended up using 3 of my flex points, on top of my allotted 37.
  6. My Twitter/Facebook/Instagram presence quadrupled. I felt rather chatty after several days of relative silence.
  7. I forgot to take my second dose of DayQuil … and I might even skip the NyQuil.
  8. I broke 2K steps on my pedometer (but not 2.5K). Wednesday, I didn’t hit much more than 1.5K.
  9. I made it to Starbucks for writing time before work. Sure beats the heck out of staring into space at Dunkin’ Donuts.
  10. I started complaining about the weather. Seriously? I haven’t even stopped wearing my snow boots from the last storm and now we’re getting more? Ugh!
The snow's rolling in. Again. Yuck.

The snow’s rolling in. Again. Yuck.

Lying cheek-to-cheek

Lying cheek-to-cheek

Bonus reason: When I got home from work, I didn’t collapse into bed straightaway. Instead, I put something in the Crock Pot to eat Friday/throughout the weekend. I’m excited to resurrect Hungry Girl’s Slow Cookin’ Pulled Chicken. I remember this as one of my go-to recipes during my last go-round on Weight Watchers.

Could I make it with less junk? I could probably axe the ketchup in favor of extra tomato sauce and a few more spices, and use honey or molasses in place of the brown sugar. Maybe I will, someday.

But for now, why mess with perfection?

P.S. Enjoy the gratuitous picture of my dog, Cocoa, with the not-so-little-anymore Moose. Hard to believe how big he’s getting.


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