Too much junk

I can’t say I went completely crazy this weekend, but I did end up knocking out 15 of my weekly Flex Points in one fell swoop. … Well, not really in one swoop, but I chipped away at them throughout the day Sunday.

And I know exactly why. I didn’t eat enough veggies, but did manage to take in way too much junk.

It started innocently enough, with a petite vanilla bean scone while I was at Starbucks. “It’s only 4 Points,” I thought to myself. “That’s not too bad.”

So at about noon, I got the scone and a skinny caramel latte to tide me over while I continued writing. I ended up staying too long — it was after 2 and I’d started to feel lightheaded by the time I packed up to find a real lunch.

My first visit to the Subway in Camp Verde since I gave up carbs in 2011.

My first visit to the Subway in Camp Verde since I gave up carbs in 2011.

I ended up at Subway, for a turkey sub (7). Because I was hungry, I went for the meal and grabbed a bag of baked Lays, too. I admit, I grabbed them without plugging the stats into my Points calculator — and when I did look them up in the tracker, I realized my error: The bag was 4 Points.

They were tasty, sure, but I don’t think they were worth 4 Points. Another thing that wasn’t worth the Points? The Snackwells vanilla sandwich cookies I picked up at the gas station (6 Points).

That was an example of old, not-great habits returning with a vengeance. It was my first visit to Subway in years, but I used to walk down the hall to the convenience store to grab a pack of cookies after each visit. I found myself doing it again, for no good reason.

I checked out several types with the handy barcode scanner, and decided to go for the Snackwells even though the Chips Ahoy were just 5 Points. But the Snackwells didn’t even taste as good as I remembered them being. Lesson learned: If I find myself wanting cookies, next time I’m going for the real thing. Chips Ahoy all the way, baby!

Wait. That’s not the lesson I’m supposed to learn, is it?

Apple slices. Apple slices are the more nutritious choice. And they’ll keep me fuller longer. I won’t be attacked by a case of the munchies all night long.

The readout after a 35-minute, 1.6-mile walk.

The readout after a 35-minute, 1.6-mile walk.

On the plus side, I picked up a new pedometer at Walgreen’s and clipped it on before hopping on the treadmill for a 1.6-mile walk. My first workout — thus my first Activity Points — since rejoining Weight Watchers on Jan. 1.

Even though I didn’t get the pedometer going until 5-something, I ended up with nearly 5,000 steps. Not too shabby for 5 hours of wearing it, eh?

This morning, I check in with the scale. We’ll see what almost a week of watching what I eat can do.


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