2013: Bucking the trend

Me, shocked and disgusted by the number on the scale.

Me, shocked and disgusted by the number on the scale.

As someone who’s long held an irrational dislike of the number 13, you can imagine how much I’ve been dreading 2013. A whole unlucky year? Yeah. Can’t wait for that to happen.

It occurred to me, though, that I can buck the trend — if it’s true that you make your own luck, as Hemingway said.

My new attitude starts today, on the first day of a bright shiny new year, full of promise and potential.

I signed up for Roni’s DietBet Monday morning, meaning I had to face the (way-too-high) number on the scale. Holy crap, I knew my eating has been out of control, but I still didn’t expect to see almost 249 pounds.

Ugh. That’s a far cry from the 213 I weighed at the end of September, right after finishing the Whole30. No wonder I can’t fit into my Size 14 jeans anymore. Cripes.

The largest part of my problem? I haven’t committed to any one diet. Post Whole30, I dabbled with paleo and tried to go back to low-carb … but didn’t really do either one wholeheartedly. I’ve also been skimping on exercise. The result? Duh. Weight gain.

So I’m ready to shake things up. Again. And the tool I chose to do that is the new Weight Watchers 360 Plan. I’ve been intrigued by it since it was announced. I signed up for eTools Monday afternoon, in the parking lot at Walmart, so I could shop for my new eating plan.

Let me tell you, I’m going to have to learn to shop all over again. Again. But as I’ve been poking around the WW website, I’ve discovered the plan might not be as restrictive as I feared. Yeah, I’ll have to swap real cheese for the reduced-fat stuff (but I’ll never go fat-free. Gross). But I can easily fit a Starbucks latte into my daily PointsPlus …

I could even enjoy a Dunkin’ Donut (at least a Munchkin) or an Egg McMuffin without doing too much damage — a fact that might should make it easier to stay on track, because the whole “aw crap, I blew it” feeling will be nonexistent.

So, that’s my big New Year’s Resolution: To make Weight Watchers work for me.

Other things I want to do in 2013:

  • To lose 10 pounds by Jan. 30 so I can get a share of the pot for Roni’s DietBet.
  • To weigh less than 200 pounds by my birthday in October.
  • To take part in the gofitgals skinny jeans challenge, starting Jan. 14.
  • To remain active with the Elf4Health group. I’ve loved the daily challenges.
  • To keep writing and submitting my manuscripts.
  • To try one new workout each week from the many I’ve pinned to my Workout Graphics board.
  • To walk for at least 10 minutes/day, and do 10 crunches and 10 wall pushups a day.
  • To do another 5K, faster than the 2012 Turkey Trot.
  • To rediscover a love of exercise. I know I’ve found it before; I just need to do it again.
  • To continue keeping a gratitude journal, adding at least one entry a day.

I’ll come back to add more goals as I think of them.


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