HLB is a great place to be

2013by20131When I saw Healthy Living Blogs had launched a membership drive to get 2,013 members by 2013, I knew I had to try to help.

Why? I believe in HLB.

It’s a wonderful resource for bloggers who care about food, fitness and fun. They’ve compiled lists of members alphabetically and by location, allowing you to find like-minded or nearby folks. They publish regular “Blog Tip” posts on topics as varied as crafting an engaging “about page,” writing recipes and taking advantage of Twitter and using PicMonkey. Find them all under “Build a Better Blog.”

I have HLB to thank for turning me on to Buffer (if you sign up using that link, I get bonus space). It’s a great way to schedule posts to appear on Twitter and Facebook at regular intervals — and it’s available as an iPhone app, so I have access even on the go.

HLB also hosts recipe link-ups and features members’ announcements of giveaways/challenges. One of my favorite parts of Monday Announcements posts is the roundup of member tweets that caught admin’s eye. One — or more — of them always makes me smile, and I’ve found a few new folks to follow courtesy of those roundups.

I even won free blogger sponsor advertising space on HLB, courtesy of a giveaway at Brownies and Zucchini. My ad appears in the sidebar of the HLB home page.

Learn more about joining the fun and information exchange on HLB’s Members Page. You also can find them on Pinterest and Twitter, sharing posts worth reading.

With so many people in the blogosphere, it’s a jungle out there. By providing information and forging connections between healthy-living bloggers, HLB makes navigating the wilds just a little easier.

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