Paying it forward (and staying on track)

Thursday’s Elf4Health challenge was to “buy coffee for the person in line behind you.”

As someone who still remembers the movie “Pay It Forward,” I love the idea of brightening someone else’s day with a simple, random act of kindness. However, I felt a bit strange buying coffee for some random stranger … How, exactly, does it work? Do I turn around and strike up a conversation first?

Instead of spending on someone I didn’t know, I ended up buying the drink of the friend I was meeting at Starbucks for writing time.

Not everyone was as shy as me, though. The Elf4Health Facebook group is full of neat stories: Someone scheduled for a medical procedure bought coffee for the doctors/nurses; someone else anonymously gave breakfast, flowers and a massage Groupon to a single mom working three jobs.

There were so many inspiring stories that I just might attempt to do it again, more anonymously. (after my next payday. I’m running a wee bit low on fundage at the moment.)

Thursday was another on-track day with my food and exercise. I walked 1.58 miles around my neighborhood, bringing the month’s total to 9.34.

I made turkey/broccoli/cheese roll-ups for breakfast before my walk, and a taco salad for dinner. When dinnertime rolled around, I realized I forgot my salad dressing — so I dipped into the giant jar of salsa in the break room fridge. I hope it doesn’t give me food poisoning. I sniffed before helping myself, and it smelled OK. And I keep salsa in my own fridge for-ever. I’m sure I’ll be fine.

OMG delicious. Just like a milkshake, but with fewer carbs.

OMG delicious. Just like a milkshake, but with fewer carbs.

Overall, I managed to cut my carb intake to 54.4 grams. A good chunk of them were in the low-carb Frappuccino I didn’t really need to take to work with me. Holiday drinks were buy one, get one free from 2 to 5 p.m., and since I was buying for one at the time — this was after my Elf4Health purchase, when I stopped in at Safeway intending to grab a nice, hot drink — they said they’d give me a venti at a low, low price of a tall … it was an offer too good to refuse.

I probably should have refused … but I’m only human — and I just started trying to climb out of the “eat whatever you want” pit yesterday. It’ll take some time to get fully back in the swing of things.

I do, however, already feel much more in control. That’s never a bad thing. Making one smart, healthy decision really does lead to another. And another. If I’m lucky, pretty soon they’ll be effortless.

My goal for today is to consume even fewer carbs than I did Thursday — maybe in the 30 to 40 gram range. I’m already looking forward to a breakfast eggs in bell pepper rings topped with mozzarella. I thawed a bag of shredded mozzarella for the purpose.

I’m so glad I stuck several unopened bags of cheese in the freezer when I started the Whole30 instead of just tossing them in the trash. It’s coming in handy now!

Before I cleaned ...

Before I cleaned …

Shelf 1 when I was done.

Shelf 1 when I was done.

Speaking of tossing things in the trash, I finally finished cleaning out my pantry last night after work. You don’t want to know how many boxes of cereal I threw out. Many of them were partially eaten, but a few were still sealed — and they all had expiration dates of 2009 or earlier. I found a packet of onion soup mix that expired way back in 2003.

Once I finished clearing out boxes of expired cereal, granola bars, Fiber One bars, Triscuits, Special K crackers, graham crackers and popcorn, my top shelf ended up pretty bare. I think I’ll be using it to store baking supplies and other things I shouldn’t access as often as the stuff on the lower shelf.

Rolling in  early. The snow started long after dark.

Rolling in early. The snow started long after dark.

Weather Report: The snow’s really coming down out there now. It was snowing when I left work at 10:30 p.m. We’re expecting a ton overnight — so much that I just left my car at work so I didn’t have to park it on the street. (There’s no on-street parking allowed when we’re expecting snow plows.) Then, when I got home, there was room in the driveway for the Focus, so I could have driven.

Oh well. Next time. We’re expecting another storm next Tuesday. Our mild winter has come to a sad end — with a vengeance.

Sigh. I knew it wouldn’t last. Living in the mountains, I didn’t expect it to … still, one always hopes.

2 responses to “Paying it forward (and staying on track)

  1. What a nice gesture! I can’t wait to hear about your “anonymous” one next time. Please keep us informed. We had to cancel our trip to Flagstaff today (NAU Graduation) because of the snow. Doesn’t it just figure? And I’m very excited for you Arlene and PROUD. It seems even though you have the occasional setback, you move forward stronger! Good for you. You are an inspiration. That being said, just because it’s snowing, doesn’t mean I can’t get my rear in gear and get my workout done. No excuses. My exercise equipment is in the garage. Rats.

    • Thanks for reading my ramblings, Susie. I hope you got in that workout Friday. I got my workout with the snow shovel.

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