Ho, ho, ho

New wreathI just didn’t have it in me to write the super-introspective post I wanted to write last night. I looked at my closed-up laptop and didn’t have the energy to flip it open and dig in.

So … I’ll spend some time doing that later. Look for the musings on why I’m too hard on myself sometime next week.

Notice a theme here? I always seem to put off thinking about the hard stuff (why my Elf4Health meditation was a bust, why perfectionism isn’t working …)

For now, enjoy this picture of the holiday wreath on our front door.

It’s payday Friday, which means errands aplenty. Dog food must be bought … human food, too … and it’s time to reload my Starbucks card. Woot! I doubt I’ll actually get any writing done before I have to head in to work, but I’m going to try my darnedest.

If I turn on the Nike+ app, can I count the miles covered in the grocery store for the Winter 100 Challenge?

Nah? Didn’t think so. But it was worth a shot!

IMG_1120Today’s Elf4Health challenge — to go makeup-free — is a gimme, since I rarely wear makeup anyway. When I do, it’s usually a swipe of lipstick and maybe some mascara.

Here I am makeup-free and wearing a festive Santa hat.


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