Internet down

The internet may or may not be down at my place when I get home from work, so I’m drafting a quick post now, before I leave the office. My roommate called me at 6-something to ask if I’d paid the bill, because the internet wasn’t working. I did pay the bill … When I called the cable company, it turned out my street was part of an outage and they were working to fix the problem. Whether it’s fixed or not, I don’t know. I never heard back from my roommate.

Today was another day of ups and downs. Jeez. When DON’T I say that? That’s just life, isn’t it?

I’d intended to get up and take a nice, leisurely walk at about 9:45 Wednesday morning — but ended up sleeping through my alarm. I didn’t get up ’til 11. That meant it was a rushed, barely 20-minute-long walk for me. At least it was something, and it made for two straight days of stickers on my “Fitness Tree.” Not looking so pathetic now, is it? 😉

RanchDressingThen I quickly threw together some homemade dressing to eat with the McDonald’s Chicken Bacon Ranch salad I picked up yesterday but eschewed for a coworker’s pizza. My makeup Elf4Health challenge was complete, but I was short on time to make a snack for me & a coworker to share. (I packed my last two coconut squares, but my intended share target left before I could break them out … I’m pretty sure that’s an #elffail.)

Writing time at Starbucks went pretty well. I got stuff done and didn’t succumb to the urge to order a peppermint mocha Frappuccino. I did, however, get an oatmeal cookie once I realized I’d left the house without eating. (I packed food for later, at work, but didn’t actually put anything in my tummy.)

Words to Sweat ByMy new “Transform” bracelet, which I blogged about last weekend, kept me from swinging by Dunkin’ Donuts on my way to the office … but not from indulging in not one but two sugar cookies from the breakroom. Hours later, I ended up going back for two more … once again proving that I shouldn’t even start eating that stuff, because I don’t stop.

And here I shot a triumphant photo of the cookies that  were left after most folks went home so I could brag about how proud I was of myself for ignoring them most of the night.cookies

Umm … I guess there’s always tomorrow, right?

And making some healthy decisions is better than making NONE.


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