Some days, it just doesn’t pay …

With my new schedule at work, I’m at the office Tuesday through Saturday and my “weekend” is Sunday-Monday. I don’t mind too much because I know it’s not a permanent change. Been there, done the Saturday-Tuesday schedule and can say I’d much rather work Monday-Friday.

The bad news? The schedule makes me feel like I have two Mondays — and neither of them was anything to write home about.

On the real Monday, I fell — hard. Skinned up both knees and ended up with a huge, angry purple bruise on the back of my leg, up near my rear end. It’s in just the right place so it hurts to sit down. Fantastic.

My Tuesday-that-felt-like-Monday started out OK. I even put in 30 minutes on the treadmill (earning my first “Fitness Tree” sticker) and got some editing done on my Golden Heart entry.

But the exercise endorphins were gone by the time I drove back up from the Boyfriend’s to go to work. Any remaining good feelings evaporated when I got to the end of the Interstate and looked in my rear view mirror and saw a highway patrol car. He followed me when I turned left, then flashed his lights at me.

I dutifully pulled into the parking lot at Coco’s, even though I wasn’t sure what he wanted with me. I might have been going a tiny bit too fast in the spot the speed drops from 65 to 45 as I-17 ends and you get into town … but he waited a while after that to pull me over.

Nervous, I put the car in park and rolled down the window. Am I the only one who gets jumpy even though I didn’t think I’d done anything wrong?

When the officer got to my car, he asked me if I knew I’d been speeding.

The first words out of my mouth? “It must be the tires. I just got new tires and I’ve caught myself going faster than I mean to because I don’t realize how fast I’m going.”

“Do you remember passing a green mini-Cooper south of Kachina?”

“No.” Because I honestly didn’t. “But I do remember a white Ford Focus zoomed past me on the right like I was standing still.” (I remember thinking that the cops should pull it over.)

Turns out THAT was the Focus he wanted, not mine! He said he clocked it at 93 mph.

“That definitely wasn’t me. I had my cruise control set at 69,” said I. (Yes, the speed limit is only 65 … but I’m nothing if not unfailingly honest.)

Unmatched socksI guess maybe that wasn’t so bad after all. No harm, no foul. The traffic stop just made me a few minutes later to work.

When I got there, I noticed my socks didn’t match. They’re both white, but obviously not of the same variety. Why didn’t I see that when I put them on?

Aargh. Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. Why do I even try to dress myself?

Oh well. At least I’m not alone. I saw photographic proof on Instagram. On Tuesday, Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean posted a pic of her unmatched socks — two different colors, even. The difference was, she said she noticed and wore them anyway because she just didn’t care.

I’m bummed to admit Tuesday’s Elf4Health challenge didn’t happen. We were supposed to make our own salad dressing — but I was nowhere near my kitchen. I went from the Boyfriend’s (where I had no access to the ingredients to make a dressing) to Starbucks to work, finally setting foot in my kitchen after midnight.

I’ll be making it up today, along with Wednesday’s challenge, to make a snack to take to work and share.

At least the day wasn’t a complete bust: When I got home from work, this festive sight greeted me.

Festive home

The house, all decked out for the holidays. So pretty!



4 responses to “Some days, it just doesn’t pay …

  1. Oh goodness- I had this kind of day yesterday too- ended up getting out of the door on time but then realized when I got to work that I forgot my breakfast AND lunch at home. It just kind of went downhill from there 🙂 So thankful that I am not the only one who has days like this!

    • I’m just glad I’m not the only one. You’d think after 40 years, I’d have it all together … but not so! At least I didn’t get a ticket.

  2. If I’m wearing an outfit where no one will see my socks… I honestly don’t pay any attention and wear mismatched ones all the time. My only requirement is that they be the same length because it feels funny when they aren’t. Haha.

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