Taking on new challenges


Elf4Health is inspiring me in so many ways I can’t even tell you. Doing one small, healthy thing for myself each day makes me want to do more … so much more.

Yes, my eating is still up and down. After eating the rainbow Friday, I only had veggies with one meal Saturday — and I ventured back into Dunkin’ Donuts after swearing I wasn’t going to go in there again. 😛

But, for the first time in a while, I want to clean it up. I’m seriously considering going back to Atkins proper, but with more of an emphasis on veggies … although I’m still liking the idea of Paleo. I just need to pick one and stick with it, I think.

I’m ready to take on new exercise challenges, too. After just completing my first-ever 5K, I’m feeling good about working out again.

On Saturday alone, I pinned/favorited two great ideas. That was on top of the one I bookmarked Friday from a fellow elf.

In our Facebook group, Kristen at The Running Mom was talking up her Winter 100 Challenge, a way to stay active during the colder months when most of us want to hibernate. The idea is simple: From Dec. 1 to Feb. 28, log 100 running or walking miles. That’s 33.3 miles/month or, as Kristen says, “a teensy bit over 8 miles per week.  Easy peasy!” And there are prizes involved.

Prizes? I’m so there! I will, however, have to step up my game a bit. In September, I logged 29.3 miles on Nike+; in October, only 10.3; and in November, 14.2. All a far cry from 33 … But I’m going to give it a shot.

The challenge I pinned was from Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans: O’ Fitness Tree. Just print an Advent calendar, and award yourself a sticker each day you work out. Fill it up and you end up with “25 days of fitness.”

Then, later Saturday, I saw a tweet touting the #30for30 Movement Challenge from Tamara at Fit Knit Chick. The idea is to get 30 extra minutes of activity for 30 days in December. That’s 30 minutes above and beyond your regularly scheduled workout.

Umm … what if my regularly scheduled workouts are practically nonexistent?

I’ve really fallen off the Best Body Bootcamp wagon this last phase. I confess — the hundreds of burpees scared me off.

On the non-exercise front, I also want to do the #Holidayaday photo challenge and, of course, Fat Mum Slim’s December Photo a Day. I love Instagram way more than I ever thought I would.

So that's what the closet floor looks like? It's been so long I forgot!

So that’s what the closet floor looks like? It’s been so long I forgot!

Saturday’s Elf4Health task: Cleaning the closet and donating the items. I got two bags — one of clothes, one of shoes/purses. And believe it or not, this is clean compared to what it looked like when I started.

I know I could do a lot more — and I might before the holiday season is over.

Just as soon as I start logging some exercise miles, that is.

A PicStitch collage of my donations:

Elf4Health Dec. 1Here’s to continued success during this hectic holiday season. With these challenges to help keep me on track, how can I go wrong?

Umm … maybe by putting pressure on myself to do too much and stressing myself out? After all, this is the month I’ll be preparing my entry for the RWA Golden Heart contest, too.

Nah. The busier I am, the better.


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