Eating the rainbow and a present for me

Look what I found in the mail today:

Words to Sweat By

A few weeks ago, I won a giveaway hosted by Athena at Fitness and Feta, a fellow Best Body Bootcamp participant. She teamed up with Words to Sweat By to offer hand-stamped motivational mantra jewelry.

Since I’ve been struggling with motivation lately, I jumped at the chance to enter. The hardest part was picking the words I wanted to win.

The mantras on offer included “lift,” “sweat,” “patience,” “practice” and “food is fuel.” I finally settled on “transform” and “fit” — because that’s what I want to do: Transform into someone who’s fit.

Today was a step in the right direction, I think. I didn’t get a workout, but I ate pretty well, thanks to Elf4Health.

After Thursday’s bout with meditation, I was ready for an Elf4Health challenge I could rock. Since I love to eat, “Eat the rainbow” was right up my alley.

Lunch, dinner and dessert

Lunch, dinner and dessert

Breakfast and a Starbucks snack

Breakfast and a Starbucks snack


The left collage includes breakfast — two fried eggs; a sausage, sweet potato and apple patty; broccoli and grape tomatoes — and what I had at Starbucks — a Cranberry Bliss Bar and iced coffee sweetened with SF peppermint syrup and mixed with chocolate almond milk I brought from home.

At right: A late lunch of an antipasti salad and Larabar I picked up at the health food store; a dinner of bean sprouts, grape tomatoes, broccoli and sloppy Joe from Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution; and Greek yogurt with leftover sugarless cranberry sauce, walnuts and a drizzle of honey.

Not pictured: Zesty garlic pistachios and a piece of divinity from the break room at work.

In all, I count about 18 colors consumed throughout the day. Sure, a couple of them were repeats, but they count every time I eat them, right?

I’d totally forgotten how filling a big, meaty and cheesy salad can be. (Yes, I’m aware cheese isn’t paleo. Dairy is the one thing I’m having trouble giving up … which probably means it’s the one thing I NEED to cut out, but that’s another story.)

You know what? By eating so much produce, I found myself a lot less hungry between meals. I didn’t even think about dinner until after 8 p.m. — and for once, it wasn’t because work kept me too busy to eat.

OK, maybe the pistachios had something to do with my lack of hunger. I consumed a few too many, I’m afraid. The bag is supposed to contain two servings, but my first one was a little more than half. Lesson: Measure/weigh pistachios before eating, because they’re addictive little suckers.

Thanks for the reminder that I feel fuller/better when I’m not skimping on the veggies!

By the way, my meditation — or at least my blog post on it — secured me a spot as an Elf4Health daily winner. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw the tweet announcing my win.

A win for something I thought I failed at? I’ll take it! A pleasant surprise, to be sure.


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