Neither paleo nor low-carb

Look what opened in Flagstaff Tuesday:

That’s right — the big D. Dunkin’ Donuts.

Inside the store …

I don’t need reminding that Dunkin’ Donuts goodies are neither paleo nor low-carb.

But I’m enough of a geek to be excited when we get a new store (of any kind) in town — and I have to give it a try. I was one of the first in line when the new Chipotle opened up, too.


Even though the store’s not too far from my house, I drove over because I was on my way to the office. I was surprised when I didn’t have trouble finding a parking place — but ample parking didn’t translate into an empty store. There was a good-sized line. I whiled away the wait checking Instagram and Twitter on my phone.

When it was finally my turn to order, I couldn’t make up my mind … so I ended up with a half dozen assorted donuts (one old-fashioned, one cinnamon, one Boston Kreme, two maple frosted and a jelly donut). I thought about getting a box of Munchkins, since they were my faves growing up, but opted to save that for a future visit. No sense setting myself up for a total meltdown, right?

The goods — minus the Boston Kreme devoured immediately.

I’d forgotten how delicious Dunkin’ Donuts are … vastly superior to any of the grocery stores’ offerings, for sure. I ate two before work. In my defense, it was the first food I’d had all day.

Sadly, I had two more when I got home from work … but not because I’d spiraled into an all-or-nothing mindset. It was more just that I was still super-hungry. (Not feeling up to prepping a proper lunch will do that to you. Despite what the folks at Progresso might want you to believe, a can of soup doesn’t cut it on any diet.)

I also ordered an iced coffee, which I found just OK. (I prefer Starbucks.)

I realize that Dunkin’ Donuts are, as Cookie Monster now says, a “sometimes food.” (Or a “never food” if I’m being true to my paleo or low-carb diet.)

But the store’s grand opening isn’t going to happen every day. It’s a special occasion, and I’m treating it as such.

Maple-frosted yeast donut (Instagram #fmsphotoaday)

To avoid having it turn into a regular habit, I’m considering making myself a rule: I can only get a donut if I walk there (and back). It’s within walking distance, but there are a couple of hills between us, so I’d sneak in a decent workout.

We’ll see. Could be that when I finish the two I have left, I won’t want another Dunkin’ Donut for a good long time.

*Snicker.* Like I’ll ever lose my sweet tooth.


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