Please tell me I’m not the only one


Gone, girl

— Am I the only one who is now craving a Hostess Twinkie?

Seriously. I haven’t thought of eating a Twinkie in years … but now that I know they won’t be around much longer, I want one. Bad.

And I can’t find one. I’ve looked at Target and two gas stations to no avail. (Only some terrible-sounding apple-cinnamon flavor donuts and nasty-looking crullers were still on the shelves at Target.)

The clerk at one of the gas stations said, “A few weeks ago, I couldn’t sell a Twinkie to save my life. But after the announcement, they flew off the shelves.”

That makes me think I’m not the only one. Like the clerk, I have a hunch it’s human nature to want what you can’t/shouldn’t have.

That’s what makes bad-boy heroes so darn appealing. And foods.

How do you fight the urge to eat foods you’ve told yourself are off-limits?

I wish I believed in the whole “everything in moderation” thing, but I’m terrible at it. I just do better/stay in more control when I avoid the junk carbs.

Yet I can’t seem to lay off “bad” foods. Over at Fit Knit Chick, Tamara recently wrote a post about how labeling foods “good” or “bad” undermines healthy eating.

She writes:

… Telling yourself that certain foods are off limits is a guaranteed way to make you crave them even more.

Food is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’‘naughty’ or ‘nice’. It should not induce feelings of guilt or shame. It is simply the fuel that our bodies need to function and perform efficiently. Nothing more, nothing less.

She goes on to say something I absolutely love:

Why make eating such an emotionally charged activity? There’s enough drama and stress in everyday life (particularly at family holiday gatherings…) without turning our kitchens into battlefields. Enjoy a varied diet, indulge in your favourite less healthy foods on occasion and join me in saying no to feelings of food guilt.

Now that is the kind of attitude I wish I had toward food. I’m not there yet … and at 41, I wonder if I ever will be.


2 responses to “Please tell me I’m not the only one

    • Great minds, eh? I’ll have to bounce over there and check it out. I’m trying to make a big push to finish the draft of my novella today.

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