Don’t want to talk about it

A gray day to match my mood. Winter has arrived.

It was another weekend way off plan — and I have no one to blame but myself.

Weekend? Let’s be honest. It started on Friday and continued through Monday. That’s four of seven days.

Why do I do that to myself?

The 64,000-dollar question, that one is. If I knew the answer, I could stop doing it.

Sure, it’s partly a desire to pretend to be normal … to pretend I can eat whatever I want without regard to its dairy, fat or flour content. (By the way, that Cheddar Bacon Onion burger from McD’s tastes fantastic … but not as good as the holiday peppermint McFlurry.)

But I’ve proved time and time again that when I eat crap, I just crave more crap. Once I start, I can’t/don’t want to stop. I feel the need to eat all those things I “shouldn’t” have because I’ll be starting over again tomorrow and won’t be able to eat them EVER AGAIN.

Yeah, that attitude’s a problem. But in the case of dairy/grains on a paleo plan, it’s true.

I can’t figure out why I struggle more with straight paleo than I did with the Whole30. I also can’t figure out why it doesn’t bother me to avoid carbs on a low-carb diet, yet I keep wanting to sneak (dairy, especially) non-paleo eats.

When I look at paleo recipes, they’re all tempting — and I’ve loved every one I’ve tried. I know it’ll work for me as a weight-loss diet, because I lost while doing the Whole30. I also believe it’ll help me get over my issues with food.

So what am I going to do about the problem?

1. Shake up this week of Best Body Bootcamp. Instead of the usual “get 64 oz of H20/day” and “track eats” directives, I’m going to try “Say one nice thing to yourself each day” and “foam roll every night before bed.”

2. More veggies, fewer fruits. I’ve been skimping on the veggies and mowing down on Honeycrisp apples like they’re going out of style (maybe because they ARE. They won’t be around forever …) I’m going to chop up jicama and cucumber spears, roast some more eggplant, butternut squash and brussels sprouts so I have them ready to grab and go. I’m also going to try this mashed cauliflower recipe ASAP.

3. Eat full meals. I’ve been snacking on a meat patty here, a handful of nuts there. I want to sit down with a plate (or bowl) that includes protein and at least two sources of veggies.

Boy, for someone who didn’t want to talk about it, I sure had a lot to say.

5 thoughts on “Don’t want to talk about it”

  1. Hey Arlene!

    I think the goals taking the focus off of the do/do not on eats may be helpful. Also, always consider if a particular meal plan leaves you feeling too deprived to keep it up realistically. You want something you can be consistent with after all. Take things day by day and focus on it meal at a time today. Cheering for you!

    1. Thanks, Tina. I’ve been struggling with weekend/weekday eating for a while now. Strange, because I’ve thought of myself as someone who does better with a MORE restrictive diet. (I lost 110 pounds in 2 years on Atkins, after all … and didn’t really miss the bread, pasta and potatoes.) Grr. You’d think at my age, I’d have this figured out.

  2. I had a rough weekend, after doing the whole30 all week. Binged on alcohol, carbs and PB. Ugh. I’m back on track eating paleo. I find i need my greek yogurt thought for my sweet tough and focusing on eating protein, good fat, and veggies at every meal really helps satiate me! Good luck

    1. Hi, Lauren. Strangely, I haven’t eaten PB once since giving it up for the Whole30. I have trouble giving up the dairy, though. I think I’ve been skimping on the veggies way too much.

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