Not a complete bust

Thursday wasn’t perfect on the food front, but it also wasn’t a complete disaster — so I’ll take it.

Immediately after getting up in the morning, I did my Best Body Bootcamp workout. Because I took “rest days” on Monday and Tuesday and did cardio Wednesday, I went with Workout A.

Why? Partly because it looked like fun. A ladder workout? Yes, please. I had fond memories of the ladder workout from BBB’s First Round.

Well, looks were deceiving, let me tell you. That sucker wasn’t fun … it was HARD. My legs were aching right after I finished. I bet it’ll be worse when I wake up this morning. (I write my posts before bed, publish in the morning, so I haven’t had the pleasure yet.)

Here’s where I break into John Cougar’s “Hurts So Good,” right?

After the workout, it was still fairly early — just after 10. I didn’t need to be at Starbucks for writing time until noon, so I hit the kitchen. I made the Sloppy Joes from Robb Wolf’s “The Paleo Solution.” While the ground beef mixture was cooking, I whipped up a Paleo Pancake with a side of Canadian bacon and this Pecan Coconut Butter from PaleOMG.

The pancake was nothing to write home about, mainly because I let it burn on one side. (I got distracted by the coconut butter and waited too long to flip it.) I also had to skimp on the nut butter. (I was scraping out the jar so I could use it for the coconut-pecan butter.)

But that Pecan Coconut Butter? That’s something else. Out of this world. Ambrosia. Nectar of the gods. Do yourself a favor and whip up a batch right now … or don’t, if you’re afraid you’d eat the whole jar in one sitting.

I have a feeling that if I’d had access to this stuff, I’d have been able to avoid those Election Night cookies.

At Starbucks, I ordered iced green tea (unsweetened). But it was chilly, and I couldn’t resist getting a hot drink to warm up. For the first time ever, I ordered my latte with soy milk. Probably not paleo … and definitely not as tasty as ones made with heavy cream … but not a bad choice.

I also picked up some sweet potato fries from Burger King on my way in to work. So like I said, it wasn’t a perfect day — but I also didn’t go hog wild. I kept up my food journal and ended up with a PaleoViz score of 85.

Proof, I think, that a couple of not-fantastic choices don’t have to derail an entire day. Right?

As long as we’re on the subject, have you seen Tamara’s post on Food Guilt? It’s been making the rounds, and it’s a good one. She theorizes that labeling foods “good” and “bad” do nothing to promote healthy eating.

I believe it — wholeheartedly. However, not using those terms is going to take some (or A LOT of) getting used to.

In other news, I just took a SparkPeople quiz titled How Healthy Is Your Relationship with Food — and the results surprised the crap out of me.

See that? It says I have achieved a “healthy balance” with food.

I have? Since when? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

I’d like to believe it, but I’m unconvinced.


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