The pattern continues

Remember the pattern I talked about Tuesday? I haven’t broken out of it yet. I had another bad day, then a good one.

My defenses were down on Election Night. I succumbed to the office pizza … and way too many of the cookies I bought for the newsroom.

I should know better. I stopped in at Safeway because I wanted something sweet — a donut, to be exact. But they didn’t have any cake donuts, which was the kind I wanted. I looked for a single cookie, just one, to satisfy the craving … but saw a giant tray of assorted cookies on sale for just $5.

“Reporter fuel for a long night at the office?” I thought to myself. “Heck, yeah.”

Nice thought, right? Too bad I ended up eating more of them than the reporters did. That first bite pushed my “on” button and I couldn’t stop. Cookies, three slices of pizza (crusts and all, dipped in garlic butter) and a couple handfuls of Indian corn made their way into my belly.

Some day, I’ll learn to not even start. Right? Maybe when I’m 80 …

Wednesday morning, instead of wallowing in my failure, I picked myself up and went on with my bad self. Right after waking, I got outside and for a walk/jog.  Covered 2.13 miles in a little less than 36 minutes. Not super-fast, and the majority was at a walk — but that was more jogging than I’d done in weeks.

That was my first Best Body Bootcamp workout all week, meaning I’ll need to work out every day through Sunday to earn my points for this week.

I also stuck to #paleo eats all day long … even at Starbucks. That’s right: It was back to unsweetened green tea for me. Not my favorite, but so much better for me than what I’ve been drinking. I’m going to go back to only allowing myself a treat when I get a free drink.

PaleoViz gave me a score of 93 for the day.

Not too shabby. My goal for today is to continue the streak. That’s right: I’m shooting for two good days in a row.

I can do it! It just takes patience, persistence and remembering one simple thing: Don’t trade what you want most for what you want at this moment.

What I want most: A happy, healthy weight (preferably under 200 pounds) and a smooth (not rocky) relationship with my body.

What I want this moment: Changes with the moment, but usually involves something sweet or salty.

Here’s to two straight healthy days.


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