Up and down days

Seems like one day, I’ll do well with eating and exercise but the next I’ll blow it — big time.

Sunday was a good day; Monday, not so much.

On Sunday, I took a 45-minute walk in the neighborhood next to mine (and only got turned around once in cul-de-sac hell). I ate all paleo, all the time and roasted eggplant and zucchini for meals this week. I also made a good dent in my NaNoWriMo word count.

Monday started out okay, even though I slept in too long to get in my bootcamp workout. I had a healthy breakfast before heading back up the mountain for writing time, then work. Then it all went downhill.

Why is it that I can order iced green tea at Starbucks without thinking twice one day, then simply HAVE to have a dairy-laden drink the next?

I expect today to be another crazy one at work, what with the election. Election Night at the newspaper office usually means late nights fueled by pizza and copious amounts of caffeine. Not sure I’m strong enough to resist.

I will get in my bootcamp workout, though. I think I’m going to back up and do Workout A. It looks like a fun one.

Did I just say that?

Maybe I AM strong enough to resist Election Night pizza. Domino’s falls under that “is not special” category Whole9 Life talked about in reference to Halloween candy, right?

Then again, the presidential election only happens once every four years. Doesn’t that make any pizza special?

Maybe not. Arizona’s holding an election of some sort every time you turn around … so stressful Election Night happens more often than I’d like.

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