Catching up

That’s what I did at work Friday … spent all my time trying to catch up  — and get ahead — on the weekend’s pages.

I’m also catching up on blogging, because my Internet went on the fritz Thursday night just about the time I was ready to write my post.

Not that I have much to share. It’s been a pretty routine couple of days.

Thursday started out strong but devolved into something less-than-stellar by the end of the worknight.

My Best Body Bootcamp workout for Thursday was a walk of 40+ minutes. I went back to the nearby subdivision, the one I got turned around in last week — and despite taking a slightly different route, I STILL got lost.

That settles it: The middle of that subdivision is cul-de-sac hell. Practically every street dead-ends, making it so you can’t get there from here.

No running took place. None whatsoever. I couldn’t bring myself to go fast.

I ate a decent breakfast (paleo breakfast sandwich) and then got ready for the rest of the day.

Fresh and feeling good.

When I left the house, I had a cooler full of food and my laptop. I stopped in at Fantastic Sam’s for a haircut before heading to Starbucks for writing time.

I’ll admit I was a bit nervous. I’d hoped to have the same woman cut it as last time, down in Camp Verde … but she appears to have closed up shop. I needn’t have worried, though: Shelby did a great job.

After dinner at work, I got the munchies — and I wasn’t as strong as I was Wednesday. I helped myself to some cherry cheesecake leftover from the party. It tasted pretty good, though not spectacular … And after I ate it, I wanted something salty to cut the sweet. Enter a bag of “loaded baked potato” chips from the vending machine.

Ugh. The one bright spot? In keeping with one of my bootcamp goals, I journaled every bite — even the terrible ones. Paleo Viz gave me a paleo score of 50 for the day.

It could have been worse, right? At least I didn’t get a 0.

Friday morning, I opted to skip working out in favor of trying a new breakfast recipe. I whipped up this savory breakfast casserole from PaleOMG. It didn’t come together quite as easily as I was led to believe — I had to bake it more than twice as long as the recipe said before the eggs set.

That meant my “breakfast” wasn’t ready to eat until noon. I had to be to work by 3, leaving me little time for writing before work.

As bad as Thursday was, my determination was back in full force Friday. I drank a ton of water and avoided the vending machine, even through a busy, stressful worknight. (We only had two people working a shift where there are normally three.)

I did break down and have a nice, caffeine-laden Diet Dr Pepper (that I brought from home, so it was only 12 ounces). But I stayed away from all the chips/chocolate I didn’t need. However, the non-paleo low-carb Frappuccino I ordered to go when I left Starbucks for the office lowered my PaleoViz score to 62.

That’s still better than Thursday. 😉

I’ll be stuck at the office today, too — I have to work. Fortunately, I don’t go in until 4, so I’ll have plenty of time to get in a workout and writing time before work. It’s Day 3 of NaNoWriMo and I’m already hopelessly behind.


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