What I didn’t eat …

You already know Tuesday wasn’t a great day on the food front, but I turned it around on Wednesday.

In keeping with my new philosophy, I tried not to stress so much about eating perfectly … but I also stayed true to the maxim “don’t start if you can’t stop.”

Walked by these several times but stayed strong.

That’s right. In the face of a table full of treats left over from the office Halloween party, I just said “no.” All night long. I had to remind myself that A) Halloween candy and store-bought cupcakes are not special; and B) I don’t want to trade what I want most for what I want at the moment.

Those three thoughts kept me from taking even a nibble of the Halloween treats. However, I did go home after work and whip up a paleo-friendly treat to enjoy:

Egg whites, cocoa and honey beaten and nuked into a brownie, topped with coconut butter, pecans and dairy-free, soy-free Enjoy Life chocolate chips (bought a couple of weeks ago to make Tina’s Chocolate Chip Coconut Butter Cookies).

The day’s other eats included, clockwise from upper left: A breakfast sandwich of ham, egg and paleo pancakes; pumpkin chili; apple (with unpictured cashew butter) and Thanksgiving Burgers (recipe to come soon).

Paleo Viz puts my score for Wednesday at 83. Not bad — not bad at all.

I also did Best Body Bootcamp Workout B. My favorite move from the workout is the hip abduction on stability ball. My least favorite is the one-legged triceps dip (probably because I can’t even come close to doing it. I can barely do a regular triceps dip.)

Here’s to getting stronger. Maybe by the end of bootcamp, I’ll be able to go back and do some of the moves I’m having to modify right now.

In other news:

— My first post with Chicklets in the Kitchen went up today. Check out What Happens in My Kitchen.

— While I was at the courthouse paying property taxes Wednesday afternoon, I decided to go ahead and vote early. Why not avoid long lines at the polls on Election Day?

— Today, Nov. 1, marks the start of NaNoWriMo. That stands for National Novel Writing Month, and longtime readers might remember it from last year. A bunch of crazy writers spend the month of November trying to draft a 50,000 word novel. That’s 50,000 words in 30 days. 1,667 words a day.

Yeah. People who do NaNo tend not to get a whole lot of anything else done …

This year, I hope to buck that trend. I need to keep up with bootcamp and healthy paleo eating in addition to writing my fingers to the bone. I’ll just keep reminding myself that I get some of my best writing ideas while I’m out on a walk.

4 thoughts on “What I didn’t eat …”

  1. Awesome for you skipping the candy and other treats. Your dessert looks much better and it was healthier.

    Funny you mention NaNoWriMo because I’m doing something like it but on a MUCH smaller scale lol Going to work on a report I have been trying to get out for years. So hope to have that complete by the end of the month and ready to edit and get up for sale by Dec. 17.

    You’re doing great!

    1. Good luck on your report! This is my fourth year participating in NaNo — and if I don’t pick up the pace, it’ll be the second year I don’t “win.”

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