Oh, the guessing games we play

Storing two different types of meat patties in the same size/shape container wasn’t the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had. Chalk it up to a blonde moment, I guess.

Which is sausage and which is beef?

When I went to pack my lunch and dinner to take with me, I had no clue what I was getting. My solution? I totally sniffed the contents of both containers to figure out which was which.

Lucky for me, each one had a distinct scent. The sausage, sweet potato and apple patties smelled sweet; the garden veggie and beef patties smelled like beef.

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. 😉

Other than my super-exciting sniff-the-meat game, today was fairly uneventful.

I attempted Best Body Bootcamp‘s workout B. I say “attempted” because my heart was racing — and not in a good way — partway through the second set.

Couple that with the fact that I’ve had pain in my left arm all week, and I’m trying to guess whether it’s bootcamp-related or something more serious. I’m gonna blame it on bootcamp, because my right arm hurts, too. 😀

After my workout (such as it was), I made another batch of Paleo Pancakes — this time as written. Now I have two same-sized containers of pancakes in the fridge … but I can tell the difference between them by sight. Pumpkin = orange. Apple = straight-up brown. Both nice, fall colors … though not nearly as pretty as the maple grove.

An egg and piece of ham sandwiched between two paleo pancakes.

I also fried up a ham steak and an egg, which helped me make a paleo-friendly breakfast sandwich.

Somehow, I doubt this breakfast is in the paleo spirit, since I’m using the pancakes like bread … but I’m not eating any non-paleo ingredients, so I’m counting it as staying on-plan.

I could probably devour one of these every morning: delicious and portable are two of the key things I look for in a recipe.

With breakfast consumed, I settled in on the deck to wait for the roommates’ iPhone delivery. (I’m cool like that.)

My company included my laptop (the screen of which wasn’t easy to see in the sun’s glare), my dog, Cocoa, the roommates’ Cinnamon and this little guy:


My roommates got a new puppy. Adorable as all get-out — until he piddles on the floor twenty times. We’ll take him outside, and almost as soon as he comes back in, there’s a puddle somewhere.

And he cries incessantly in his crate. He’s awakened me early both of the last two days.

Why do we forget the joys of house-breaking and crate training?

FedEx delivered the phones by about noon, so I still had time to go to Starbucks for pre-work writing time. I didn’t get a whole lot of new words written because I was busy corresponding with my new blogmates.

That’s right: I’ve been invited to join several other writers on a group blog called Chicklets in the Kitchen. The tagline: “Whatever happens in our house usually happens in the kitchen.” I’m still trying to think of something to write on my “about” page and looking forward to my first post next Thursday.

This is going to be fun!

6 responses to “Oh, the guessing games we play

  1. If pain is symetrical (on both sides) then it is most likely soreness. If it’s sharp pain, though it’s something to be more cautious with and especially if it’s on only one side that indicates something more than general soreness. I’m glad you listened to your body. Email me if you ever have any specific questions or concerns. I want you able to feel good with the workouts. 🙂

  2. Hope you enjoyed your first week with the bootcamp. I loved it! Hope the pain is nothing but soreness from the workouts. They will test your body that is for sure, in a good way of course. Here’s to an awesome 2nd week.

    Moose is adorable! I want a pup but it’s not in the cards for us right now. We have 2 adopted cats and will be adopting my stepdaughter’s two as well because our granddaughter is allergic. Oh boy, life is going to just get more exciting.

    • Four cats? My roommate and I used to have four in our house, but we’re down to three. Three cats and three dogs … a regular zoo!

      The first week of bootcamp has been great. It still hurts to lift my arms, but I don’t think it’s anything serious. Since I have zero upper body strength, it’s probably just my muscles telling me they’re there.

    • I’m glad you asked me! I’m sure we’ll have a blast. I have a great idea for my introductory post, and perhaps one more after that. I have fodder for months to come.

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