Bootcamp begins, plus more random musings

Monday marked the first day of Round Three of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp — and this time, I started as scheduled. I didn’t exactly bounce out of bed eagerly, smiling and thinking “Today’s the day!” But I did get up, get dressed and do the first workout.

It was both challenging and fun. By early afternoon, I was already feeling the surrender squats. Since I was at the Boyfriend’s and didn’t have access to my stability ball, I was unable to attempt this scorpion move everyone’s talking about. (I plan to give it a try now that I’m back home. I’m sure I’ll end up face-planting onto the deck at least a dozen times.)

My two weekly goals for the first phase are:

  • Drink at least 64 ounces of H2O
  • Brush and floss before bed

Simple goals, yes … but important ones. I tend to crawl into bed without taking care of my teeth. Lazy, I know. Here’s hoping I can break the habit.

Other random thoughts:

— After winning free ad space on Healthy Living Blogs, I worked with Maren of Maren’s Morsels to create an ad I can use on HLB and elsewhere.

Since I do page layout and design myself, I had something in mind. I sent her my idea, which incorporated the image from my blog header, as well as basic text (most likely fonts I use at work).

Maren took what I had and ran with it, using another, similar image I took and prettying up the fonts. The resulting ad is ready for its close-up.

I love it! Maren did a fantastic job. It looks so much better than my basic version, so it was $10 well-spent. A bargain, really, for creativity.

We’re also working on a Facebook header for the page I’ll soon be starting for my blog. (Yes, I’m going to do it — and soon. Y’all will be the first to know when it’s live.)

— It’s no secret the newspaper industry is struggling. With recent developments at my paper, friends/family are encouraging me to think about another job.

Like writing fiction isn’t enough of a second job? Well, I guess that’s true when you haven’t yet sold …

I was listening to the radio in the shower today and heard an ad ( that got me thinking about personal training. (It’s an idea I’ve had before, actually …) I could set my own hours, leaving me time to write, and I’m sure it pays at least as well as my current job — probably better.

What’s the hang-up? The last time I thought of being a trainer, I was in much better shape (near my goal weight). Who’d want to train with someone who has struggled/is still struggling with her own weight? I can’t exactly say, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

That was one of my Mom’s favorite sayings when I tried to call her on not wearing her seatbelt while driving, even though it was required by Indiana law. She wanted me to wear mine but refused to wear hers. That wouldn’t fly with clients any more than it did with me, I’m sure.

Would people consider working with a trainer in less-than-perfect shape? Or would I have a whole slew of clients clamoring to work with me because I understood their struggles? Interesting questions to consider, for sure. (Feel free to weigh in in the comments …)

Up today: 40 minutes of cardio and planks, as well as an attempt at Scorpion. If I work hard enough, my problem will cease to be a problem.


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