Random thoughts for the weekend

Some random thoughts on a beautiful fall day:

— Why is it so much easier to stick to my eating plan on weekdays than on weekends? Even when I don’t specifically plan weekday meals, I have no problem eating the things I need to eat and avoiding the foods that aren’t good for me. Then when the weekend rolls around, my eating devolves into a hot mess — even if I have a general sort of plan.

I’m not the only one who struggles on weekends. The Fitfluential Weight Loss group on Facebook had a discussion thread about that very topic not too long ago. Guess I need a more specific plan on weekends?

The maple in my yard.

— As much as I complain about a lack of real fall color here in Flagstaff, I’ve started noticing the red and orange leaves are there if you look for them. They’re not just in my yard, like this maple tree. I’ve spotted gorgeous reds along many a city street.

And even the yellow/golden aspen leaves are beautiful in their own way.

— I wish I had more time to read/write/play. As it stands, recreation time really cuts into my sleep … something I need more of, judging by the way I recognized myself in nearly all the Huffington Post’s six suprising signs you need more sleep.

I know how important Robb Wolf says sleep is in the grand scheme of things. I’m beginning to believe him. I tend to get cranky when I don’t get enough Zzz’s.

Hmm. Come to think of it, a lot of my poor eating decisions come on the days I’m sleep deprived. Food for thought, for sure!

— I’m counting down the hours to the start of Round 3 of Best Body Bootcamp. The workouts look challenging, to be sure … but definitely do-able. I’m going to start strong and never look back. None of that wishy-washy crap I pulled in Round 2.

You get out of it what you put in.

— Who let Prior Fat Girl Elle inside my head? Her recent post, The Strange Duality of Desire, articulates many of my thoughts a lot more eloquently than I ever could.

The question she finds herself wrestling with:

“How do I keep the fleeting desire for food that tastes good from eclipsing my desire to succeed on this journey?”

Exactly. How many times have I sacrificed my eating plan to the promise of something delicious? Umm … try dozens last weekend alone.

Elle’s solution:

I don’t have to hope I have the willpower to make a good decision in those moments. I can prepare myself ahead of time to ensure that I do.

She goes on to outline a plan to make those preparations. Good ideas, all — summed up by a killer final line:

When I take the time to define my genuine desire – in this case, to live a  happy, healthy, balanced life – it is much easier to identify and dismiss the false ones.

We should all be as wise.

— I’m sending my love to Then Heather Said for tweeting about a free, printable “deskercise bingo” card from Back to Her Roots. When you cross off all the squares in a week, you win whatever prize you set for yourself at the start of that week. What a simple but great idea!

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