1 week down, 51 to go

Well, Week 1 of my “Before I’m 42” campaign was a dismal failure. I followed no eating plan to speak of — unless you count “stuff my face with everything I know I shouldn’t be eating because my diet starts tomorrow” as a plan.

The problem with that “plan” is that tomorrow never seems to come. I ate just as badly Monday as I did Sunday. Blech.

This is not going to help me get to my goal of 160 pounds.

What I need to do is pick a date to go paleo and then stick to it. No exceptions. No “I can eat this just once” (because it’s never just once).

I need to plan better for weekends, because just taking stuff with me isn’t working. The food goes uneaten in the fridge while I’m out and about, eating crap.

One thing that may help? I committed to Round Three of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. I signed up on Friday, payday, and am all set to go.

You might remember I did Round One in the spring. I also signed up for Round Two, which started in July.

My experiences couldn’t have been more different. Round One went great. I started on time and got a lot out of it. I visited the Facebook group frequently and gave/got plenty of encouragement. I even won one of the weekly prizes.

Round Two didn’t go nearly so well. It started the week I was in Anaheim at my writers’ conference … and we all know how THAT turned out. I never really got started, so while I tracked my weekly goals, I never got into the workouts as they were outlined. I barely visited the Facebook group, and I didn’t earn enough points to qualify for the grand prize drawing.

Proof that you get out of it what you give, right?

Well, this time, I intend to have another great bootcamp. I’m ready to start — on time — and will participate to the fullest. I know it’ll be a fantastic experience … butt-kicking and fun at the same time.

Bootcamp starts Oct. 22. That’s next week. For the rest of this week, I intend to walk/jog for at least 20 minutes at least every other day (starting today). I’d also like to get one strength workout in, using one of the apps I downloaded and have yet to use, like Nike Training Club.

I’m also thinking about starting a Facebook page for the blog. I’ll let you know when it goes live.


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