Trying something new

When the Boyfriend saw Wednesday’s post, his first words to me were, “You need to join the gym.”

True — and I’m happy to. I look forward to getting back into yoga and Zumba and all the things I don’t get a chance to do at home. I want to push myself with heavier weights when I do the next round of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. (Payday is tomorrow, and I plan to sign up then.)

But I know rediscovering my excitement for working out won’t fix my relationship with food, or with the scale.

What will?

I have no freakin’ clue.

I do, however, have a couple of ideas.

First off, I’m going to start keeping my food journal better. No more of this trailing off toward the end of the day when I eat something (or several things) not on-plan. I have the technology (apps/camera phone) — so now I’m going to use them.

I want to record the foods that go into my body — the good, the bad and the ugly … in hopes that the ugly grow fewer and farther between. Ideally, I’d like to make that elusive transition Roni has talked about many times. You know the one: Where there’s no on-plan or off-plan, just you, making healthy food choices more often than not.

I’m also going to cut back on weigh-ins. I’ll try every other week to start, and maybe work down to once a month. The focus will be on making good choices without regard to how it’ll affect the nasty, dreaded scale.

That said, this is not a weigh-in week … so I skipped the scale this morning. (It helped that I slept in ’til 11. I didn’t really have time to waste when I finally rolled out of bed near noon … that whole “check your email/twitter/facebook before getting out of bed” thing is a real time-suck.)

Hmm. Perhaps this post should be titled, “Everything old is new again.” Sounds like I’ll be getting back to basics: Food journaling and working out. The only new thing (for me) is avoiding the scale.

Wait. That’s not new, either. I tend to do that every time I don’t want to face the number I’ll see there.

This time, I’ll be avoiding the scale even if I expect to see a lower number. Guess that really is something new.


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