I need your votes

Here at the weight-loss blog, I don’t talk too much about my writing. I usually just tell you I spent X amount of time at Starbucks, writing, before I headed in to work. That, my friends, is about to change.

I hope you’ll indulge me for a few minutes while I shamelessly peddle my fiction. (Everyone has to start somewhere, right?) If you like reading romance novels, this is right up your alley — if not, come back later for your regularly scheduled blog post.

Every year (at least for the last few years), the folks at Harlequin sponsor a contest called So You Think You can Write.

This year, I entered — and I’d love it if you’d vote for my entry, OPERATION SNAG MIKE BRAD. You can vote once a day, starting Oct. 2 and continuing through Oct. 11.

A sneak peek at the entry’s first line:

Heaven — in the form of a cozy birthday dinner for two, followed by some dancing and a little naughty sex — would just have to wait, because despite her best intentions, Erin Mannering was still undeniably, unequivocally … single.

Voting runs from Oct. 2 – 11. The 25 submissions with the most votes, along with three “wild card” submissions chosen by the judges, advance to the next round, in which they submit their full MS to the judges’ panel, who evaluate voice, content and writing skills. The top three manuscripts will be put back to another public vote, and the winner’s book gets a contract with Harlequin.

Don’t forget to vote for me. If you don’t like my entry, cast your daily vote for  my awesome critique partner, Jennifer Faye.

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