Fun from the weekend

It’s been a crazy-busy weekend for me — and since I had Monday and Tuesday off too, it’s not over yet. But I knew it was time for a blog update, so here goes.

Saturday was concert night. The Boyfriend and I went to Rythm n Ribs, a barbecue contest with music. Lou Gramm, the voice of Foreigner, was headlining.

This probably shows my (advanced) age, but it was fantastic. He played most of my Foreigner faves, plus solo hits and even some new tunes. (He put out a new album last year. We heard Urgent, Midnight Blue, I Want to Know What Love Is, Dirty White Boy, Juke Box Hero and, best of all, Hot Blooded. (Had to save the best for last.)

Sunday and Monday were low-key. I put in some writing/editing time at Starbucks and we played Farkle.

Now, we’re running around Sedona. The Boyfriend has tennis and I’ll be playing on my phone. Or maybe I’ll take a walk. It hasn’t been the most active of weekends.



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