Thursday Weigh-in and a shopping fail

Like most days, Thursday had both ups and downs.

Up: A loss on the scale. Despite my worry about Wednesday’s sodium-packed dinner, I posted  a loss for the week — down 1.6 pounds, putting me at 213.2. Just 5 more to go before I qualify for that discount on my health insurance!

Down: Too busy for a workout. I had errands to run and contest entries to judge, making me feel too rushed to take time to exercise. Consequently, the only activity I got was hoofing it through Sam’s Club when I stopped to get dog food.

Up: Look what I found at Sam’s — Honeycrisp apples! Boy, was I glad to see them. Jazz apples are good, but they’re no Honeycrisp. I sliced one up to enjoy at work with some homemade nut butter. Yum!

Down: Failed shopping trip. While I was out running around, I decided to head to Old Navy to check out their Rockstar jeans. I received an email about them being on sale for $19 just that morning, and since my size 16s are getting too big, I thought I might as well try on a pair.

The ad — and signs in the store — trumpeted them as universally flattering. “A perfect fit for every body.”

See? Right there. ^

Don’t believe it. They’re super-skinny and looked just awful on me. Shopping fail. Big-time. I guess I could have tried on a larger size, but the whole point of trying on jeans was to go down a size, not up one (or two).

Up: Encouragement from online friends. When I tweeted about my lack of exercise, I got a response from Prior Fat Girl Liz.

After telling her, “I think that can be arranged,” I knew I had to make it happen. So when I got off work, I fired up the ol’ RipDeck app on my phone. It had been a while — my history says my last use was on June 4. Oops. I need to check in with it more regularly.

I wasn’t really feeling it, so I didn’t do much — just 21 push-ups, 17 sit-ups and 9 jumping jacks. It didn’t even take quite 4 minutes.

But it was a case of something being better than nothing — and I have Liz to thank for my mini-workout. Had she not answered my tweet, I’d have just written off the day.

One last up: I remembered to track all Thursday’s eats with my new PaleoViz app. Up ’til now, I’d been lucky to snap pictures of one meal a day. Hopefully it’ll become second nature.

A day with more ups than downs? I’ll take it!

One response to “Thursday Weigh-in and a shopping fail

  1. Thank you for sharing RipDeck! Have you gotten the update?

    If you would like to share a custom RipDeck workout, we may feature it and your blog on our In-App News, Facebook and Twitter.

    Continued success to you with your fitness and weight-loss goals.

    Happy RipDecking!

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