I need more yoga in my life

Every time I go to a yoga class, I leave thinking I need to go more often. Now I have the chance to do it for free.

Yes, I said FREE.

September is National Yoga Month, and the Yoga Health Foundation is teaming up with studios nationwide to offer one free week of yoga.

You can bet I printed my yoga month card and will take full advantage before it expires in October.

I love yoga. I used to go to classes at my gym a couple times a week … when I had a gym, that is.

I must admit, I found myself jealous of the kids at Flagstaff High who get to take yoga for PE. My high school PE class consisted of a few weeks of square dancing (horrendous!), along with units on volleyball, baseball, softball, tennis … and those awful Presidential Fitness tests. I was terrible at everything, and hated it all.

Had we done things like yoga or Zumba, it might not have taken me ’til my 30s to realize physical activity didn’t equate to torture. (It’s a concept my couch potato self still struggles with, but I’m slowly getting used to the idea.)

How was your Thursday? Aside from my morning spill, mine went pretty well. When I returned from my run, I made a new recipe: Julie’s Almond Butter Pancakes, which I pinned a few weeks ago (Almond Butter Pancakes).

I have to use up those ground almonds left from making almond milk somehow, right? In keeping with the Whole30 “no sugar” rule, I omitted the honey.

Almond Butter Pancakes: They may have gotten a wee bit too brown, but they were still delicious.

No matter. Even without the added sweetener, they were ah-maz-ing — dense, flavorful and filling. lunch was at ten in the morning and I didn’t even think about eating again before three.

I topped them with a tiny bit of clarified butter and served them alongside about half an apple, sliced. (I ate the other half at work later, with a little almond butter for dipping.)

Better yet, I have three more in the fridge, waiting for a quick breakfast in the morning. I bet they’d make a great “bread” for an egg sandwich.

I can see it now: A fried egg sandwiched between two pancakes … perhaps smeared with a little mayo. If I were eating cheese, I’d throw a slice of that on, too. But I don’t do dairy anymore.

Friday will be Day 20 of the Whole30. Then I only have to hold out for 10 more days before transitioning to a paleo plan. (I might have to cheat with a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks first, though.)

I think paleo is what I’m about to do, even if it still means staying away from dairy. More on that later.

Today’s plans include a vet visit for my dog, Cocoa, as well as grocery shopping and work. The excitement never ends.


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