Found another reason to lose

As if I didn’t have enough reasons to lose weight, I was presented with another one Wednesday.

When I got home from work, a letter from our newspaper’s parent company was waiting. It detailed the new employee health incentive program. The gist: I can save up to $840 on my health insurance premiums if I don’t smoke and don’t qualify as “obese,” as determined by BMI.

The smoking thing is no problem. I never have smoked, and have no plans to start. When I was a  kid, my parents didn’t smoke but my grandparents did, and every time I visited their house, I got all stuffy. That — along with the accidental puff I took onstage while my community theater group was doing “Hair” — was enough to ensure I’ll remain smoke-free.

My weight, of course, is a different story. The letter says to qualify for the $420 savings, your BMI must be 29.9 or less.

According to Fitness magazine’s BMI calculator, when I plug in last week’s weight of 217, I’m at 31.15. If I can get to 200 pounds before the onsite screening in October, I’ll have a BMI of 28.something, which would qualify. Even 205 would put me at 29.41, but I’d rather have a bit more cushion than that, in case their scale’s screwy. (It usually is.)

Guess I’ll see in the morning how much closer I am to qualifying as merely “overweight” instead of obese. It’s Thursday, my weigh-in day.

I know, I know. Doing the Whole30, I’m supposed to say “Forget you, scale.” But now I have even more reason to keep close tabs on my weight. (Disordered thinking? Probably, but that’s the way it is.)

Hmm. There’s more hope than I thought: When I reread the letter, I saw there’ll be  a second chance for people who don’t qualify during the October screening. That’s promising, because if I barely miss it, I can re-test at some later date. (Details will come later.)

Wednesday was Day 17 of my Whole30. Funny, that, considering I started back near the beginning of August. But it’s been 17 (now 18) days since I cheated with dessert at the Outback. I’m planning to do a “thoughts on Whole30” post soon, even though I’m not technically done.

I also logged a 3.12-mile walk/run (mostly walk) with Nike+ on Wednesday morning. I was moving pretty slowly, though: It took 54:15 to cover that distance.

Yeah. Definitely not my fastest 5K. But at least I got out there. Apparently, I need to do that more often. If I expect to get that insurance premium savings, exercise will be my best friend for the next month.

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