3 ways I got my exercise mojo back

Assuming I ever had it to begin with, I think I’ve finally recaptured my exercise mojo.

Case in point: I overslept Wednesday — turned off my alarm instead of hitting “snooze,” and the next thing I knew, it was 11:30 a.m. On some days, that’d be enough to make me scrap my workout.

Not this time. I threw on my workout clothes anyway and hit the pavement for a much shorter walk/run.

Starting at about noon, I was out for twenty minutes and covered 1.29 miles … I jogged for five of those minutes — one 2-minute stretch and one 3-minute stretch.

I figured 20 minutes was better than nothing. I’d like to start building up my endurance so I can run for longer stretches, though.

What changed? Why exercise in the face of obstacles now? Great questions. If I knew the answer, I could bottle it as “instant motivation” and make a mint.

My best guess as to how I rediscovered my exercise mojo:

Find a fun way to keep track of your efforts. Ever since I downloaded the Nike+ app to my iPhone, I’ve been raring to rack up the miles. I like seeing the miles run climb while my pace drops. Wednesday, I finished a mile in less than 15 minutes.

Set a goal. I’m still toying with the idea of signing up for the Arizona Rock N Roll Half Marathon in January. Even if I decide against the half, I want to do a 5K here in Flagstaff on Nov. 10 — so that means more walk/jogs for me. If I have a hope of not finishing dead last, I need to train, right?

Me, now — Ready to rock my “wog.”

Get the right gear. It’s more fun to work out when you’re outfitted for the occasion. For me, that means brightly colored clothes and a no-slip Sparkly Soul headband.

There you have it: Three easy ways I recaptured my exercise mojo. The Nike+ app isn’t the only game in town, of course. Some people swear by Gympact; others track on the Daily Mile or Runkeeper.

The point is to find something you enjoy doing and find easy ways to make doing it even more fun.

Sounds like my diet advice, too: The best eating plan is the one you can stick to consistently, without feeling deprived.


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