Low-key Labor Day

My Labor Day was pretty low-key: Fairly early in the morning, like 10-ish, I headed down the mountain to hang out with the Boyfriend.

Okay, for most people, that’s late morning. But when you normally sleep until 9 or later, 10 is still early!

I wasn’t impressed when I ran into this on the drive down.

A traffic jam, in the middle of nowhere, no less. Vehicles on I-17 were at a complete standstill — all because road construction restricted the road to one lane in each direction. (There was, however, no bottleneck for northbound traffic.)

Luckily, I had a drink to keep me (relatively) calm while I inched forward, cursing vehicles that sped past in the right lane. It was their having to get over further ahead that caused the darn traffic jam.

That’s a homemade iced chai tea latte. I brewed up a pitcher of Celestial Seasonings chai tea the other day, then mixed 8 oz. of tea with 8 oz. of almond milk. Yes, it’s in a repurposed Starbucks cup. Everything tastes better in Starbucks’ packaging, don’t you know?

Since I’d never tried chai before, I was a bit leery of that first sip. I actually brewed a single serving of the tea to make sure it was drinkable before I made a whole pitcher. It was. In fact, I quite like the spicy flavor. Yum!

Now I need to make another batch of almond milk, because I have tea but no milk. Ah, first world problems …

Today, it was back to work. The Diamondbacks went into extra innings, so it ended up being a late night. At least they won the game.

No workout Monday or Tuesday, but I’m getting up bright and early (okay, at 9:30) today for a walk/run. Maybe I’ll get some more encouragement from Tim Tebow. Either way, I’m excited to log more miles on my Nike+ app.

I’m still going strong on the Whole30. Someday soon, I’m going to sit down and organize my thoughts about the experience.

So many blog posts, so little time!

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