Weigh-in confession

Confession time: I broke my self-imposed Whole30 rule of only stepping on the scale once when I weighed myself this morning.

I looked down at that number, 219, and was hugely disappointed. What? Only another 0.4-pound loss?

Nope. Wasn’t gonna accept that for my last Romance’s Biggest Winner weigh-in. I took a deep breath and stepped on the scale again. 217.4.

Okay — now that seemed too good to be true … so I tried one more time. (Third time’s a charm and all …) When it again said 217.4, I decided to go with it.

That’s two pounds down from last week, bringing my total loss since starting the Whole30 to 8.4 pounds.

I know, I know — I’m not supposed to be keeping track. The Hartwigs wrote another great post about ditching the scale just this week: 174,203 ways to measure health (besides the scale). It makes sense, really it does. Even Weight Watchers wants you to track what they call non-scale victories (NSVs). And reading through the Hartwigs’ list, I found many that apply.

Among them:

  • Flatter stomach
  • I feel more confident naked
  • Less gas & bloating (The Boyfriend appreciates this one!)
  • No more sugar/carb cravings (caffeine is another story, though)
  • I can go hours between meals and feel okay (Of course, I did that on Atkins, too. It’s the only diet on which I can forget to eat.)

So I’m seeing progress on many fronts, not just actual weight loss. It’s enough to make me want to keep going with the Whole30, even though the end of my original 30 days is fast approaching.

I started Whole30 on Aug. 3 but because I started counting over again a couple of weeks ago, and again last weekend, I’m only on Day 5. Really, though, this is Day 26 of being on point (I’m not counting the two days I ate foods that weren’t Whole30-approved — if I were, I’d be on Day 28.)


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