A message from Tim Tebow (!) and fall fitness goals

As promised in yesterday’s post, I tried out the new Nike+ app for my phone … and when I ended my 1.64-mile walk/jog outside, I received a congratulatory message from Tim Tebow.

Pretty sweet, huh? And now I remember why I loved using the Nike+. Past congrats have come from tennis’ Williams sisters and — if I remember correctly — Peyton Manning. (At the time he still played for the Colts. As a former Indiana girl, I was super-excited when I heard from him.)

An outdoor sweat session? What was I thinking? Seriously — I loved it. I should get out there more often.

It was a beautiful day to get out there, even if I did have to trick myself to get out the door. I put on my workout clothes the minute I got up, without giving myself the chance to get busy doing other things. It worked, too.

Once outside, I walked to the next street over and then “wogged” through the trailer park … A lot less scenic than Sunday’s Country Club excursion, sure — but it was relatively flat, at least.

I ran a total of seven minutes: 2 two-minute sessions, then a 3-minute one and a couple of one-minute ones. Walk breaks were 1 to 2 minutes long.

In all, I was out there for 27 minutes and recorded a pace of 16:25. Not the fastest, for sure … but that’s okay. It was my first attempt — and I did a lot more walking than running.

Eventually, I’d like to reverse that and do more running than walking. I was almost there in July, until my two-week vacation turned into a break from diet and exercise and C25K fell by the wayside.

There’s no reason I can’t get back there, right? Have I mentioned that I’m seriously considering signing up for the Arizona Rock N Roll Half Marathon? It’s in Phoenix in January, which means I’d have to start a 10-week training program in October. I’ve looked at a couple of plans, but haven’t settled on one yet.

If I can walk 6.7 miles uphill, I can walk (and perhaps even partially run) 13.1. I haven’t signed up yet, but I’m thinking it’d make an excellent birthday present to myself.

For now, with September looming, I’ll set a couple of fitness goals for fall:

  • Do a plank a day. I see people doing it all the time on Twitter (#plankaday), and I think it’s time to join in the fun. Lord knows my core needs help.
  • Walk/Run at least 4X a week for a total of at least 8 miles/week. (Preferably more.)
  • Do a 5K in less than 40 minutes by the end of September.
  • Sign up for the Flagstaff Sports Foundation 5K on Nov. 10. Registration fee is $25, and the course goes through another swanky golf course.

Hold me to them, okay? I may not be getting any younger, but I can get healthier.

Weigh-in this morning — my last official WI for the Romance’s Biggest Loser contest. I’m definitely not going to win … But I’ll still check in a little later with the results. I can’t decide how I think I’ll do. I don’t feel any different from last week, so probably not so good.

Then again, last week I thought I’d do great and only lost 0.4. I hope I see a bigger number than that.


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