Pleasant Mountain Sunday

Anyone else start humming the Monkees’ “Pleasant Valley Sunday” when they read that post title?

No? Just me? Guess my age is showing.

I’m sharing a midweek weekend recap today, because my Sunday was a heck of a lot more interesting than my Tuesday. Tuesday was election night at the office — a lower-key primary election, but still stressful. It’s a lot of wait, wait, wait for the results to come in, then hurry to button things up before deadline.

Pizza was involved. There’s always pizza on election nights, to keep the crew well-fed and relatively happy … if there’s such a thing as a happy reporter stuck covering elections. I, of course, refrained from both the pizza and the cheesy bread, since neither are Whole30-approved. (Yay, me!)

The finished pseudo-pizza, photographed under the nightstand light.

It didn’t stop me from coming home and making a myself a pizza substitute. After sniffing pizza-scented air all evening, I was hungry for … well, pizza.

The solution? Zucchini, onion, peppers and chicken sausage, stir-fried and topped with seasoned tomato sauce.

Maybe it wasn’t strictly an “eat to satisfy hunger” meal. Still, it was technically Meal 3, since the Larabar and handful of nuts I snacked on at around 4 p.m. does not a meal make. (I had a burger with sauteed spinach and onions, sweet potato wedges and banana soft-serve for my first meal at about 1 p.m. Then the snack at around 4, and dinner — a big old salad topped with ground chicken — at 7:30-ish.) I ate my “pizza” with a handful of grapes, then settled in to blog.

So much for not boring you with tales of election night. Now, back to my pleasant Sunday walk.

The Boyfriend and I stayed in Flagstaff this weekend because he was playing in a tennis tourney here, in the swanky Country Club neighborhood. Since I don’t get over there very often, I used my time while he played his Sunday morning match to hit the pavement.

The scenery is a heck of a lot better on that side of town.

The long and winding (and hilly) road.

Okay, so that one’s not too scenic. How about this?

See the golf course in the distance?

Or this?

Golf course with the San Francisco Peaks in the background.

Me and my shadow … Proof that I was on the move.

Hmm. I probably could have cropped out some of that road.

In all, I walked for 33 minutes — maybe two at a jog. I’d hoped to run more, but my first attempt at outdoor running was a bust. (There are a lot of hills in that neighborhood. I think I need to run outdoors in a flatter area before I start tackling hills.)

It was really rather fun to explore a different neighborhood — and with the maps app on my phone, it was impossible to get lost. Maybe I should go exploring more often.

The first step? I downloaded the Nike+ app for my phone. When I logged in, Nike oh-so-helpfully told me my last workout was 141 weeks ago. Not true, of course — that was just the last workout I did with the iPod and Nike+ chip in my shoe. The app says “no chip needed,” which is a good thing, considering I’m pretty sure mine is dead.

I’m excited to try the app out this morning. I’ll let you know how it works.

Until then, I’ll leave you with a few more photos from Sunday’s walk.

An interesting structure

This one might be my favorite:

My dream house?

When I pointed this house out to the Boyfriend, he said, “I can’t imagine us in a house that size. You’d never clean it. I’d have to do all the cleaning.”

My response: “Honey, if we could afford a house that size, we could also afford to hire a maid to clean it.”

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