What a difference a day makes

Remember how I said I didn’t want to have to start my Whole30 over again yet again? You should, since it was just last Friday.

Well, here I am, on Day 3 for the third time. On Saturday, I discovered just how hard it is to eat out and stay on-point. The Boyfriend and I went to Outback for dinner. I avoided the lovely brown bread without incident and ordered seafood — shrimp, scallops and mahi-mahi with a side of veggies. I also planned to eat a good bit of the Boyfriend’s steak and sweet potato fries.

Problem was, I think the fries were seasoned with cinnamon sugar or something, because they were a little too sweet. And the butter on the veggies probably wasn’t clarified. I also dipped my fish in remoulade sauce — probably not Whole30-approved.

Knowing that I’d just screwed up, I ordered dessert, too: A sampler-sized portion of Chocolate Thunder from Down Under. I figured that since I’d already blown it, I might as well REALLY blow it. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted such a delicious a brownie sundae.

I’m not sure my body agreed with my brain, though. I had some hellacious gas the next morning. TMI? Probably. But that’s what happened. (More fuel for my belief that I’m lactose intolerant, eh?)

So anyway, that was part of my weekend. We also hit McDonald’s for lunch Sunday. I ordered the Fruit and Walnut salad, figuring I could eat the apples and walnuts. But when I opened the tray, the walnuts clearly were covered in white powder. Figuring it was sugar, I steered clear.

So I’ve discovered it’s pretty much impossible to eat out while doing the Whole30. What I haven’t figured out is if I’m going to start counting from Day One again. Maybe I can add all my successful days together? If I do that, my 30 days are almost up.

But if the goal is to change my attitude toward food, I probably need 30 more days, plus.

Some days, I think I’m making progress. Then I find myself relying more on fruit than veggies and ready to kill someone for a diet soda. That’s when I admit to myself I still have a long way to go.

My weekend also included time browsing the school supplies at Office Max and a visit to the movie theater. I went to see “Hope Springs” while the Boyfriend played tennis. I was a little sad to be at the movies sans snacks … and without my Harkins Theatres souvenir cup full of Diet Dr Pepper. Who in their right mind passes up a $1 soda?

But I forgot my “deprivation” once the movie started. It was a touching — and hilarious — look at a 31-year marriage. I lost myself in the story. Skipping the diet soda was good in one way: I didn’t get my usual overwhelming urge to pee about 3/4 of the way through. That’s right. I got to sit through the entire flick without squirming.

That was a welcome change. Usually I wriggle in my seat, not wanting to leave for fear of missing a vital piece of dialogue. Chalk another one up for Whole30 success!


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