Wait — carrots are good for you?

I recently read an interesting article on the Whole9 blog: Riding the Carrot Train to Crazytown. It was a “reprint” of a post they’d run before, shared for the benefit of all the newbies who’ve joined the Whole30 in August.

In the article, Dallas and Melissa argue for consumption of carrots and — gasp — bananas, despite their “high sugar content.” They say carrots and bananas are good for you even though they have more sugar than, say, spinach.

We understand the fact that, when both choices are good, one might be more good. And we do caution against using “sugary” real food like fruit as a substitute for real sugar if you’re having cravings. But unless eating carrots are going to tempt you into a box of Krispy Kremes, we are not worried about your intake.

You want a banana? Eat one. Want some beets, or a sweet potato, or some carrots? Have them. Because in the whole scheme of things, fruits and vegetables are still, as far as we know, good for you.

It makes sense. Really, it does.

However, from the perspective of someone who’s been doing Atkins for years, giving myself permission to eat carrots and bananas isn’t easy. Those are foods I’ve been studiously avoiding for a long, long time. Even when I fell off the low-carb wagon in 2005 and subsequently joined Weight Watchers, I didn’t eat many carrots. I kind of lost my taste for them and never rediscovered it.

Would that it were so easy to lose my taste for cookies, cake and donuts, right?

Actually, my time on the Whole30 hasn’t been much of a struggle. Yes, I’ve wished for a diet soda many a time … and I did have to restart 12 days in after I accidentally ordered my usual lettuce-wrapped cheeseburger from Five Guys. That means I’m on Day Six (for the second time).

The cake was gone when I went in to heat up dinner. Even though I’m a sucker for frosting,  I had no desire to sneak a fingerful of the icing left on the paper.

But overall, it’s been surprisingly simple to stick to. The other day, I wasn’t even tempted to sneak a bite of the birthday cake in the break room. Didn’t want to have to start my Whole30 over again … again. Once was enough.

Even without snacks, I’ve been getting through the day without being ravenous. Is it time to break into a chorus of “It’s a Miracle”?

Maybe. I’m still reserving judgment.


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