Kitchen adventures

Monday, Monday. What a day!

Work was routine, and — thanks to an early writing session at Starbucks — I managed to get a lot done before work, too. Between those two things and the drive back up to Flag from the Boyfriend’s, I found time to get in the kitchen to fix not one but two meals.

First up, I popped a spaghetti squash in the oven. Then I made myself lunch: a Pizza-Stuffed Sweet Potato from Health-Bent — minus the cheese, of course. It was the third time I’ve had this recipe since I started Whole30. I like it that much.


With lunch filling my stomach, I went back to the kitchen to finish prepping dinner. I had big plans for that spaghetti squash: PaleOMG’s Creamy Avocado and Spinach Chicken Pasta.

It took a bit longer to whip up than I thought it would, meaning I didn’t make it to work at 3, as planned. (I went in at 3:30 instead. The timing turned out to be perfect, because I had to work until 11:30.)

Despite the glitch in making the recipe, I loved it. Odd, considering I used to swear up and down I didn’t like cooked spinach … But I ate this, and it was delicious.

Not the prettiest presentation, but definitely a tasty meal.

I packed the sauce in a container separate from the squash and chicken, since the recipe makes it sound like the sauce is cold, not hot. Then I mixed them together after reheating the squash/chicken combo. The result was just the right temperature.

There might have been a touch too much garlic for my taste. Umm … did I just say that? So much for my status as a garlic fiend.


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