Quick weigh-in update

First off, I know I’m breaking the rules of Whole30 by weighing myself. But I’m committed to the Romance’s Biggest Loser contest through the end of the month, and have to weigh in for my team.

That said, I’m again glad I did: Down another 2.4 pounds this week.

The loss punts me into a new “decade” — the 210s. Finally! I wondered if I’d ever make it back there.

All it took was a total diet overhaul, in the form of eliminating grains, dairy and all forms of sugar.

Hmm. Seems like every time I lose weight (and then regain it), I have to try an even more extreme way of eating to take it off the next time. I had great success with Atkins the first time around, losing 110 pounds in two years on the plan … but when I fell off the wagon and tried to hop back on, I only lost 40 pounds in a year.

Maybe it’s because I was more lax the second time around? With Whole30, there’s no room for lax. You don’t eat certain foods, period.

That’s exactly what I need.

The question that’s been nagging me a bit since Tuesday’s little trip: Do I have to start counting from Day One again since I accidentally ordered cheese on a burger?


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