Whole30: 1 week down, 3 to go

The first week of my Whole 30 is history. My thoughts so far? Well, I don’t HATE it.

One thing I’m not wild about: I’m spending a heck of a lot more time in the kitchen. The foods I eat are tasty, but I wish I didn’t have to spend so darn long making them. I tried doing a lot of prep work on Saturday, but I still find myself in the kitchen more than I’d like. It’s not that I don’t like cooking — I just prefer spending my time doing other things … like writing, reading, working out, hanging with the Boyfriend.

Giving up cheese/dairy has been easier than I expected. Giving up my beloved diet soda, on the other hand … Well, I haven’t broken down yet, but I still get the urge for caffeine.

I’ll have to watch my ratio of veggies to fruits. I don’t want to start eating too many fruits, even though I’m enjoying the freedom of being able to have a wider variety of fruits now. (On Atkins, at least in the OWL phase I was in, berries are the only kind allowed.)

I have yet to get a handle on the three meals a day limitation. I tend to eat two larger meals (when I wake up and at around 7 p.m.) and two snacks (one when I get to work, one after). The after snack tends to be something sweet — sliced fruit with almond butter or the ubiquitous “Banana Soft Serve,” which I’m pretty sure counts as “paleo-ifying” something, and therefore is verboten. I’ll try to do better about that in Week 2, because I really do want to change my relationship with food — and if having a sweet snack after work is more habit than need, I need to stop doing it.

Speaking of snacking, I really like the test the Hartwigs suggest using when you think you want to eat:

Ask yourself if you’re hungry enough to eat fish and steamed broccoli. If the answer is no, you’re not really hungry. Go do something else.

I’m paraphrasing there, but that’s the idea I took away from that part of “It Starts with Food.” I found myself doing that a few times — and most of the time, the answer was “No.” The one time I thought I could eat at least broccoli, since I’d been snacking on roasted brussels sprouts as I put them away, I made myself a bowl of sliced strawberries and coconut butter. I need to ask myself that more consistently this next week.

My hunger has been all over the map. On Wednesday, I was ravenous ALL DAY. (I can’t remember what, exactly, I ate for my first meal of the day, so don’t ask.) Thursday, I wasn’t really hungry at all. I packed two meals to take to work, figuring I’d eat one at the beginning of my shift and one toward the end, but I didn’t want anything until about 7. I ended up taking the salad home and eating it Friday instead.

I still have questions: Should I still keep a food journal? Will I ever lose the craving for diet soda? Will I get super-cranky?

Friday, I ran into a clerk at the new natural foods store who told me he’d done Whole30. He said something to the effect of, “The first two weeks are rough. You’re likely to get very cranky. But it’s a great plan. You’ll lose a lot of weight fast.”

Since that was my whole goal for doing the plan, to jump-start my weight loss, his encouragement made my day.

Whether I continue to eat this way after 30 days remains to be seen. Hopefully, it’ll become a habit and my life will change. It’d be nice to make healthy choices without having to think about it.


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