I wasn’t supposed to get on the scale

Technically, the Whole30 calls for no weighing for 30 days.

Thirty? Whole? Days?

That sounds like forever for someone who’s concerned about losing weight. The Hartwigs say they don’t care if you lose weight — and they list 5 good, solid reasons to ditch the scale.

Among them? “Scale weight fluctuates wildly from day to day and hour to hour” and “The scale maintains control of your self esteem.” That’s the whole letting the scale control the tone of your day, which I (and many other bloggers) have bemoaned before.

They make sense, they do. And I might be willing to buy into the whole no-scale-for-30-days thing except for one little problem: I’m committed to weekly weigh-ins for the Romance Biggest Winner competition until the end of August.

But I wanted to dive right into the Whole30, not wait another month to change my life — so I made myself a deal: I’d weigh only once a week, on Thursday mornings. No sneaking a peek at the scale on Fridays … or Mondays, as I’m sometimes wont to do. Just a simple weekly check so I can report to my team. (No hopping on the scale several times on weigh-in day, just to see if the first weight is incorrect, either. Please tell me I’m not the only one who, when I see a number higher than I expected, tries again.)

I’m glad I got on that scale yesterday morning, because I loved the number that greeted me: 222.0.

High? Yes. But it’s a darn sight better than the 225.6 I saw last week. That’s 3.6 pounds gone … this time for good, right?

An astoundingly high loss, I know — and I’m not expecting numbers like that every week. Some of it is probably water weight. Still, after last week’s big vacation-caused gain, it’s gratifying to see the scale going in the right direction. (Even thought I know I shouldn’t care about that number, I still do.)

Another 2.1 pounds, and I’ll finally be back in the 210s. Here’s hoping I hit that milestone next Thursday.


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