No zucchini for me

Wednesday was National Zucchini Day. I had every intention of celebrating somehow — even stopped at the store to pick up a zucchini, because I’d run out.

But once the green squash was in my possession, I forgot all about its special day. That’s okay. It’ll taste just as good tomorrow — or next week.

There’s one thing I didn’t forget, though: My intention to get in a workout after work tonight.

That’s right. I left work on time and, after changing my cats’ litter and taking out the trash, I hopped right on the treadmill for a 21-minute walk.

I didn’t go fast (topped out at 3.5 mph), but I did crank up the incline. At one point, I was at 5% grade. In those 21 minutes, I covered a little more than 1 mile and worked up a sweat.

I’m proud of myself for keeping that promise. I’m starting to realize (again!?) that if I want to see results, I have to put in the work.

That’s one of those things I have to learn and relearn time and time again. You’d think that at almost 41 years old, I’d already know. Guess I’m still holding out hope for a magic pill that’ll get me to my goal weight, no work required.

Yeah, yeah. I know that’s never going to happen. A girl can dream, right? Just so long as I don’t forget the only proven way to get in shape: Find exercise/activities you love and a diet you can live with for the rest of your life.

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