The hardest thing about doing Whole30 (so far)

Want to know what I miss the most now that I’ve been doing Whole30 for a few days?

I thought it’d be cheese, but — surprisingly — I’m not missing that at all. Yet.

What I am missing is Splenda. Or just diet soda in general. Every time I think about giving up diet soda for a full month, I get overwhelmed.

That’s just a sign of how much I’ve come to depend on the stuff again. For the longest time, I rarely drank diet soda … But it slowly crept back into my life to where I’d been consuming up to three cans a day.

Going from two or three cans to zero cans a day is scary. Not hard, per se, but definitely daunting.

I can do it, I’m sure. I completely gave up diet soda for the first several weeks I did Atkins for the first time in October 2003. “Atkins New Diet Revolution” said diet soda wasn’t recommended, but if you decide to drink it, drink it only sweetened with Splenda.

Since Diet Coke with Splenda was hard to come by at the time, I didn’t drink any at all until the end of the month. I took an 8-hour road trip to Salt Lake City. The drive was fine until I hit the Interstate — and then it was so boring I decided caffeine was a necessity to keep from driving off the side of the road.

If I gave up diet soda for the better part of a month, I can do it for 30 days. It won’t be easy, but it can be done.

At least I hope so.


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