Slow start to bootcamp

I’m off to a slow start to Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp this time around. I’ve gotten just five — count ’em, five — workouts in the last two weeks. More than I’d worked out in the two weeks prior to that, but still in no way meeting bootcamp requirements.

I’d blame the fact that bootcamp started the week I was in Anaheim for my writer’s conference (friends, food, too many sweets, late nights and no desire to set the alarm for a trip to the hotel gym) … but that doesn’t explain my skipping this past week, too. Maybe I can blame feeling sluggish and gross after five days of overindulgence?

Whatever the reason, I’ve been seriously slacking. Now I don’t know whether to start from scratch with Week One or go ahead and start with the next phase.

I will do something Monday morning — I’m just not sure what yet. I spent 20 minutes on the treadmill Sunday when I woke up.

20 minutes total, 9 of them at a jog (with a 1-min. break in the middle)

May it be the first in a week of great workouts.


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