Diving in

I dove right in to the Whole30 Friday, but I can’t say it was a complete success.

The day began on the right note: At about 11 am, I whipped up an egg scramble with bell pepper, onion, mushroom and zucchini. The veggies looked a little sparse once they cooked down, so I served my scramble atop a handful of spinach.

Normally, I’d have cheese in a scramble like that (and fewer veggies). But I don’t eat cheese for the next 30 days. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss it.

So far, so good, right? After my meal, I hit the new Natural Grocers that opened in the neighborhood, as well as Safeway. I picked up some of the things on my shopping list, the most expensive of which was the ghee — but that seemed easier than clarifying my own butter.

I headed home with my grocery haul, then met my writer friend at Starbucks. But as I sat there (not writing), my head started to hurt. By the time I got back home to fix something to take to work for dinner, my headache was raging. It was all I could do to pop some ibuprofen, grab a pineapple upside down cake Larabar (my 1st ever – yum) and get out the door

I pulled into the parking lot and sat in the car with my eyes closed for 30 minutes, until it subsided.

I nibbled on the Larabar (just pineapple, almonds and dates, so technically okay) while I worked. Then, after I finished the A&L section, I made a run to Five Guys for a lettuce-wrapped burger.

I know, I know … Not the meal I had in mind. Had I been feeling up to fixing a salad, like I’d planned, it would have been better.

That was only two meals plus a Larabar, and I was a little hungry when I got home from work (early). I sliced up some strawberries and ate them with a little coconut butter and sliced almonds.

So while I ate all real, whole foods, I’m not sure I can/should call it Day One of my Whole30. Maybe I need to start again tomorrow?

Here’s hoping I don’t get floored by another headache. I still don’t understand why I got one in the first place. It’s not like I should be suffering from carb withdrawals, since I’ve been eating even fewer carbs.

The human body works in mysterious ways.



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