‘Dreaded scale’ lives up to its name

The “Dreaded Scale,” as I like to call it, earned its moniker this morning.

That’s right. I’m up — way up. Five pounds, to be exact.

Not that I’m surprised after nearly two weeks of eating with relative abandon and avoiding my treadmill, but I’d certainly hoped for a little better weigh-in. Would a two-pound gain have been too much to ask?

Anyway … that gain puts me back at 225.6 — and that’s much too far away from the 210s. Blergh.

The Whole30 is looking better and better. I’m about halfway through the book, and a lot of what the authors say makes sense. Sure, it’s scary to contemplate giving up the cheese and Splenda-sweetened stuff I eat on Atkins. It’s also frightening to consider adding foods like carrots and sweet potatoes to my plate, even though they’re on the Hartwigs’ list of Top 20 veggies to be eaten in heavy rotation.

Perhaps I’m slightly carb-phobic after avoiding them for so long? But I keep thinking, “I can commit to anything for 30 days.”

After all, I committed to Atkins for only two weeks. Then the results were so phenomenal that I stayed low-carb for two years.

Who knows? If I get great results on the Whole30, I might end up sticking with it for the rest of my life.

I’ll be reading more after work tonight, and I get paid tomorrow. Safeway, here I come!


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